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Dec 1, 2006 07:00 PM

Ricardo's Cafe Trattoria in Lowell - Wow!!! Wow!!! Fabulous.

If you love to dine, love excellent fabulous food and still believe that hospitality makes or breaks your evening out - go to Ricardo's. They know the secret. Ricardo actually greeted us at our table and discussed his wines and when we asked our waitress if that was typical, she said "yes, he tries to great all his customers when he is here, which is mostly Thurs-Sat".

My standards are high, dissappointments in dining is something I've learned to live with - not here! How nice.

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  1. How about some details about your meal? Where is this place?

    1. Each couple (3) started off with a salad (large enough to split). This had to have been the best "wedge" - I've ever had with mostly crisp iceburg, but decorated with shredded carrots, sliced cukes, bacon, tomatoes, and I think it was actually gorgonzola and blue cheese. One other salad (they raved) was a portabello and asparagus on a bed of greens with a lite olive oil and lemon dressing. The other was the special mixed greens with roasted red beet dressing. Everyone loved their entres. Mine was Ricardo's II - Chicken with shrimp, artichoke hearts, prushutto (sp?) in a white creamy wine sauce over mashed potatoes and asparagus (could have chose veal too). My husband had a pan fried chicken stuffed with a feta mix, over a bed of scallops rissotto. Another dish was their special - haddock litely fried in a white wine sauce with shrimp, over a bed of asparagus. Another dish was veal piccata. Another was linguini with white clam sauce and another was a seafood dish with angel hair pasta loaded with shrimp, lobster, clams, etc. in a creamy lite white sauce.

      unfortunately, no one left room for dessert and although I'm not a dessert person - I need to go back and try some of these desserts. They look unique and different.

      Ricardo's is just outside the hub of downtown Lowell on Gorham St. This was our first time but we've been wanting to go - had heard about it from many people.

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        I eat at Ricardo's every couple of months and it is always great. Last night my fiancee and I shared a great Caesar salad, She had the beef tenderloin, perfectly mid-rare with mashed and green beans and I had the pork loin, cooked perfectly with a cajun risotto cake, succotash, and chive butter. Prices are a little high for Lowell, but the food is definitely up there with most Boston New-Italian restaurants. Great bartending also, esp. martinis, and an excellent wine list.

      2. Good to hear on the beef dinner, I really wanted to try but since Italian is their specialty I wanted to start there - I'll definately be back to try a steak dinner. I love caesar salads too so I'll have to test their's next time - their desserts really looked fabulous.

        1. Thanks for the info. It's on my short list, now.