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Dec 1, 2006 06:49 PM

Old San Juan New Places

Heading back to P.R. over the holidaze and was wondering if there are any interesting places that have opened in the last year in Old San Juan?
Last year we tried Aquaviva and Dragonfly.
We also had a great meal @ Metropole in Isla Verde.
Loved the cornish hen stuffed with rice & beans.
Felice Navidad!

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  1. Hi JK:

    I ate at 2 really good places in Old San Juan when I was there this year:

    Parrot Club - 363 Fortaleza Street
    Al Dente - 309 Calle Recinto Sur

    You'll like them since you have that "New Yawker Pallet".

    Have a GREAT holiday!

    1. Loved Dragonfly. Why not try Carli's?? In IV I highly recommend Tangerine at the Waterclub.

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      1. re: phelana

        Baru in OSJ is great... Nice outdoor courtyard, great food.

      2. Just back from San Juan.... the Condado area is Ajili Mojili. Totally upscale Puerto Rican fare....It is truely awesome....a bit expensive but worth every penny.... Old Town.... a must is La Bomonbera especially for breakfast. Their cafe con leche and the mallorcas are delicious!

        1. The Mallorcas are to die for..sweet bread with powdered sugar pressed into a pan and grilled with personally prefer the fresh squeezed OJ. Haa..

          1. Thanks for the tip everyone.
            Felice Navidad!