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Dec 1, 2006 06:39 PM

Mi Pueblito Authentic Mexican Market Waterbury CT

I was on my way to meet a friend one night recently when I had a vision. It was all swirling colors, bright green and yellow, with the Virgin of Guadeloupe in the middle and she was speaking to me. She said, "Ven hijo, we have some tacos and tamalitos just for you Johnny Connecticut." I immediately turned the car around and parked. And there before me was a little market, recently painted green and yellow, and through the window I could see her, a tapestry of the Virgin hanging on the wall. I went inside and I discovered a pleasant little market with some happy kids running around.

Now, I frequent places like this all across the Tri-State area and this one gets the best decorated award by far. On this board we don’t really care about that, we care about the chow. They only carry snacks right now, tacos, tortas, and tamales. I ordered some tacos suaderos and a tamale de rajas. They were great.

The menu is translated in English, and the owner is fluent as well. The owner told me he has plans to eventually expand the menu on the weekend. I look forward to that. They also have a really good selection of Mexican cooking items. I’m just happy to find some “real” Mexican food in the Brass City.

Looking at their menu now I see they offer Clacoyos, does anybody know what those are?

Mi Pueblito - 112 Meriden Road Waterbury CT

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  1. Very cool find in my hometown. They might mean Tlacoyos for Clacoyos. This link seems to indicate that it is phonetically closer to the pronunciation.

    "I was tickled a couple years ago to see ... "Clacoyos" for sale alongwith quesadillas and memelita ... it accurately represented one half of the way people, particularly women, pronounce "tl" in that region, with the tongue sort of hitting the palate lightly and then moving down not to produce a well-defined "tl" but more of an ambiguous clicking-type of consonant that has elements of both "tl" and "kl."

    You might ask on the general board to be sure.

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      Interesting language find... I suppose that might also explain why half the people think its Huitlacoche & the other half insists its Cuitlacoche.

    2. Thanks for the tip. I work in Oxford and live near Hartford, so I'll add this to my stops off 84. When I've needed hispanic groceries, I would go to the Lemon Tree Farm on Lakewood which has a good selection, but this is much closer to the highway.

      1. Thank you for the interesting post rworange, you are probably correct that they are referring to Tlacoyos. Your hometown of Waterbury is underrated as far as chow is concerned. There are some good South American spots, Peruvian, Colombian, Brazilian around town that nobody ever posts about.

        And kudos to you Uncle Dave for your recent post about the Indian market in W. Hartford. In Waterbury there is another little Mexican grocery called Los Arcos on South Main Street, I don’t know if that would be closer for you coming up from Oxford. FYI there are two Brazilian markets on South Main as well in case you are ever in need of Brazilian ingredients. I have also been to a Mexican market in Hartford on Franklin avenue(close to Rite Aid), the name of it is escaping me at the moment. They both serve antojitos and more food on the weekend.

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          Waterbury has always been an under-rated ... 'hidden' restaurant town. As a native who spent my first 18 years there, my theory is that ... at least at that time ... there wasn't much else to do besides eat so the food had better be good. Also it was a real blue collar town and people would only part with money if what they bought at the store was better than what they got at home. Lots of first & second generation immigrants so the food was pretty close to the roots.

          I still mourn the passing of Lincoln Lunch across from Hadley's furniture (also long gone). A friend whose main home was Jersey / NYC would bliss out over the food when she spent the summers with the other parent in Waterbury. The last time I was there a few years ago, I was surprised to see how more diverse the food has become. I hope more people who live in Waterbury report on the board about their finds. None of it is fancy stuff, but good ethnic eats.

          Yeah, South Main ... the old Latino section. I wonder if there's still Puerto Rican down that way.

        2. Waterbury is a special place. How many towns the size of Waterbury have three Albanian Mosques, a Yeshiva, a Hindu temple, Cape Verde Islands Social club, 30% Latino population, a political system that is routinely accused of being mobbed up, and a direct link to NYC via Metro North? That great diversity is one of the things that makes Connecticut a great state.

          Now, getting back to the chow I back Rworange up and appeal to my fellow chowhounds to please start posting more about any chow knowledge related to Waterbury. I am in the area about once a month and if I have time I try to sniff out good food. I also promise to start posting more on Connecticut's other great, vastly under-rated chowtown Bridgeport.

          1. Thanks JohnnyCT,
            I live the next town over and I love places like this. I like going to "Teqilas" on Sunday afternoons for uber strong margaritas and "Lucha Libre" on tv...It's grreat!

            Do you like Italian? Have you ever gone to Marones?