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Dec 1, 2006 06:30 PM

dim sum on christmas day

my mom is visiting for Christmas, we're having dinner at a voce christmas eve and want to do something low key christmas day. can anyone recommend a good place (that's open) for dim sum christmas day?

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  1. I believe Chinatown Brasserie is open on Christmas (remember Andrea Strong saying something about it) and they have great dim sum.

    1. Warning: Chinatown Brasserie is very expensive! It's worth it, though, for the dim sum items.

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      1. re: Pan

        isn't that the one in noho, the old time cafe? i'd prefer something in chinatown...

        1. re: mindab

          Yes, it's in the former location of Time Cafe, but it's way better than anything I've had anywhere else in New York. Might not be low-key, though.

        2. re: Pan

          It will be high-end pricing and low-key, but certainly won't be a typical dim sum experience...who knows, they may even come around and change your chopsticks with every tasting.

          I'd stick to JING FONG or one of the Chatham Square places at one-third the price...having been spoiled by the Brasserie chef's former, innovative World Tong (Brooklyn) experience.

        3. They'll all be open in Chinatown on Christmas. There have been numerous threads on New York Chinatown dim sum recently. Here's one of them. My vote is for Golden Bridge. Note, however, that all of the good places will actually be extra crowded on Christmas.

          1. Also, Our Place on the Upper East Side is very tasty and I've been there on Christmas Day. SOOO good.