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Dec 1, 2006 06:29 PM

Expense account in Atlanta

I'll be in Atlanta next weekend with an expense allotment I'll be hard-pressed to run through. With price as no object, where do I want to eat in the Buckhead/downtown areas?

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  1. Bacchanalia or the Ritz Carlton Dining Room in Buckhead. Internet searches on these 2 will provide more than enough info.

      1. re: bethd127

        No offense to Blue Point, or the others I previously mentioned but I would say that one of the top of the top restaurants (forgot this from the first post) in all of the Southeast is Seeger's. Blue Point is good, but it's not where you can really experience greatness when cost is no matter.

      2. yes, either bacchanalia or seegers if someone else is paying.

        1. Aria

          and the others mentioned except Bluepointe...not worth it and not in this league.

          1. And I'll add Restaurant Eugene and The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead.

            Ditto on other's opinion re Bluepointe---nowhere near the same league as the other in this lists. I'd leave Aria off the list as well.

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            1. re: Therese

              What are your thoughts on Aria? Been lately?
              I had thought it would be one of those special places.
              I've heard and read very good things about it and was looking forward to a first visit.

              1. re: rcburli

                My last visit to Aria was at least six months ago, rcburli, possibly a year. Over the years I've found the food to be consistently very good, and certainly better than Bluepointe or the other Buckhead Life restaurants, but not at the same level as Bacchanalia et al. Service on my two most recent visits to Aria bordered on inept, and the decor is a bit jarring (all white interior, with a very large, dangerous-looking light fixture looming over the trendy diners below).

                Oh, while I'm thinking about it, another option for the original poster would be Joel, though it's not technically in Buckhead or downtown.