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Dec 1, 2006 06:23 PM

Urgent Leg O' Lamb question

Im cooking two boned legs of lamb right now -

My recipe is for bone in lamb.

Can anybody advise how the cooking time will be affected by this difference? I mean, I am going to rely on internal temps to determine doneness, but as usual Im running late and I wonder whether I should adjust any of the timings.

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  1. It'll take a little longer to cook with the bone in. Maybe an extra 10-15 minutes a pound or so, not a ton but it depends on the size so don't hold me to that. The internal temp is the way to go. Also, don't try to speed it up with a higher temp though. It's worth the wait.

    1. Make sure to use your thermometer, you will want to pull this out at med rare, it will continue to cook believe me. 130 degrees