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Dec 1, 2006 05:49 PM

hong kong style steakhouse in richmond hill/markham

Anyone know of a good one? I know it might sound like an oxymoron...good hong kong style steakhouse. But I am really craving something like Boston Steakhouse in Scarborough without going the distance since the weather is so crappy tonight.

BTW, I have tried the 'golden horse' one on HWY 7 and almost kennedy and I think that one is kind of crappy.


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  1. by saying hk style steakhouse, I am looking for ones with the crazy sizzling hot plate (usually in the shape of a cow..haha) with the poured on sauce and the zig-zaggy fries. Ok, the zig-zaggy fries are not a criteria and neither is the cow shape.

    1. There is this place at Times Square at Leslie and Hwy 7 called "Goldxxx" (I cannot remember the name exactly, but it's tucked in the back, near the parking lot, behind the big central indoor mall). Great price for big chunks of meat! I think they even have zigzaggy fries....

      Bon Appetite!