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Dec 1, 2006 05:44 PM

Zaytania Wines

I am going to Zaytania tomorrow night and would like to get some advice on wine pairing. The wine list is a bit overwhelming and staff is not always knowledgable. I like reds and am a fan of big Italian Reds like D'Abruzzas and Super Tuscans and Argentinian Malbecs. I guess I just want to heat about what you liked when you went. Nothing too pricey but something tasty.

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  1. I have had terrific wine at Zaytinya. My only problem is that the names are so unfamiliar to me that I cannot recall them for you.

    My favorite strong red is basically a Bordeaux-like blend from the Bekka Valley. Once time, they didn't have it in stock at the moment (although it was listed), and upsold me to the Reserve of the same wine. I was wary of the upsell, but the Reserve turned out to be an even better version.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that or forge forward into the unknown.

      1. Had a fabulous Macedonian syrah about two weeks ago, but hell if I can remember the name. I think there were a few of them on the list at the time. Anyway, it went with all the dishes we ordered. And with nine people, there were a lot of different dishes.

        1. I have only been to Zaytinya once, and I was rather dissapointed with the wines. We had one white and one red, can't remember the names.

          1. Thanks everyone! I went on Saturday night and it was very crowded. BEcause if this I think the food quality was not as good as I recalled it being. We had a great server who helped us through the wine list. We ordered a $39.00 dollar bottle. It was an 03 Greek wine with a grape name that started with an A. But as everyone else I can't remeber exactly the name. The vineyard was Sconer or something that sounded like that. We loved it and it was big bold without overpowering our vegggie tapas.

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              The varietal you had was probably aghiorgitiko.

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                Is the wine as much of a mouthful as the name?