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Dec 1, 2006 05:06 PM

Elk Recipes??

My husband just got back from a business trip to the outback of California (extreme Northeastern part of the state) and his favorite customer there gifted him with some Elk steaks. (This is the same lady who gives him jars of her wonderful homemade plum jam every time and keeps offering to have me stay with her a week or two and "learn how to can -- every woman should know how to can!"). I am sure that it is very lean meat, and probably won't take well to grilling. I don't hunt, and am totally unfamiliar with cooking game. So anyone have any suggestions on how to cook it? I'm sure the next time he has a hankering for plum jam and heads up that way she's going to ask him how were the steaks.....

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  1. I have grilled steaks from: elk, moose, and deer with great results. I use a blend of spices in a dry rub for ~4-6 hours, then coat with olive oil and grill over direct heat, cook between rare and med rare, let rest, slice thinly. I often serve with a sauce made with onions, mushrooms, butter, Knor's Au Jus mix.

    "Steak" is often a ubiquitous term, what cut did you get ?

    My favorite "steak" from wild game is the tenderloin.

    1. I'm not sure what cut; I'll have to ask DH if he knows. It looks pretty thin sliced though....

      1. I have made chicken fried steak out of venison round steaks. Something to think about if you are concerned about drying out the steak.

        My recipe is from Merle Ellis (a media chef/butcher). Use saltines, crushed. Place the steak (cut into smaller pieces if necessary) on a cutting board, sprinkle crushed saltines over and using the edge of a dinner plate, pound the saltines into both sides of the meat, adding saltines until the meat will not absorb any more. Fry in ~1/2" of fat, remove, drain pan, add some butter to the pan, add some flour to make a roux. Add some cream, cook cream, add chicken stock to make a cream gravy.

        Moose is my favorite, next is elk, then venison, then antelope. Antelope ends up in chili.

        1. You're cooking elves?!?! Oh, elk! ;-) My suggestion would be to use some of that fruit preserves/jam she gave you.

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            have you got any good elk sausage recipes?

          2. Elk is fantastic grilled, as mentioned, and also lovely braised or otherwise cooked slow and wet. Treat it as you would a prime rib, and you'll be richly rewarded. And if you're feeling super-adventurous, elk sausage is TO DIE FOR!