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Vodka infusion

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What is the best vodka for infusion? Thanks!

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  1. One that isn't too pricey, but isn't too cheap ;-) Try Finlandia, or Iceberg.

    1. I use Skyy vodka whenever infusing or mixing (as with a bloody mary) its palatable, and very inexpensive.

      1. try http://www.chowhound.com/topics/336521 for more help. It's a post I've been keeping an eye on!

        1. Use something that you would enjoy drinking by itself, straight up. I prefer Seagrams Extra Smooth and Smirnoff Triple Distilled, but only because I am pro-US snob. The better the vodka, the better the infusion. Your wallet is the only limit.

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            This is the route I go as well. Both decent vodkas at a reasonable price.

          2. I've seen this asked before. We always use Ketel 1 or Svedka (depends on the amount we're making). The better the vodka, the better the infusion. Don't skimp.

            1. Well I drink Stoli normally. Little expensive for my first fusion attempt...going to make a cucumber, red chile & possibly tomato fusion for bloody marys. The guy at the bootlegger told me to try something relatively inexpensive...but he showed me a higher end of the inexpensive: Pride & Clarke out of Dundee, NY. Ah, he was probably just trying to get it off his shelves. I'll let you know how it turned out

              1. I am new here and was wondering how many fruits you can use in one infusion ?
                such as strawberries banana, tropical punch or lemon lime? and how would this effect the time period of wait for the tropical punch if it had pineapples and mango's and such