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Dec 1, 2006 05:03 PM

Vodka infusion

What is the best vodka for infusion? Thanks!

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  1. One that isn't too pricey, but isn't too cheap ;-) Try Finlandia, or Iceberg.

    1. I use Skyy vodka whenever infusing or mixing (as with a bloody mary) its palatable, and very inexpensive.

      1. try for more help. It's a post I've been keeping an eye on!

        1. Use something that you would enjoy drinking by itself, straight up. I prefer Seagrams Extra Smooth and Smirnoff Triple Distilled, but only because I am pro-US snob. The better the vodka, the better the infusion. Your wallet is the only limit.

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            This is the route I go as well. Both decent vodkas at a reasonable price.

          2. I've seen this asked before. We always use Ketel 1 or Svedka (depends on the amount we're making). The better the vodka, the better the infusion. Don't skimp.