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Dec 1, 2006 04:58 PM

Chinese in Wheaton/Silver Spring other than Hollywood East?

Hollywood East has long been our Chinese standby but we're not sure we like it as much as we used to. Five years ago when we moved here we couldn't believe how good it was. Now it just seems okay--or maybe it's us. Prices have gone up and some of our favorite dishes have been modified. Where else can we go and what dishes do you recommend? Not looking for dim sum.


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  1. Don't know if you've tried Full Key. Some of my favorites are pan fried cod fish w/ ginger & scallion, baby shrimp w/ egg on rice, chicken pan fried noodle & soy chicken. I haven't had the shrimp dumpling soup there in a while, but it was pretty salty the last few times I had it. The place seems to be under new management so if you haven't been in a while it might be worth trying it again.

    1. Although I really like Hollywood East, an alternative Oriental restaurant is Ruan Thai on Amherst Avenue just off University. Try some of the specials which, whatever, they are are excellent. They also serve fine whole fish/

      1. You might also try Paul Key (not Full Key) in Wheaton on Georgia Avenue just south of University. IMHO they are better than Hollywood East. Consistently good food, open late, reasonable prices, a very busy place and full of asian-american families on weekends.

        1. China Chef, next to Paul Kee, offers good cantonese fare, and dim sum also. Their entrees are large in size, and very good. They have a really good seafood soup with 3 items.

          Problem is the dining area is very dingy and the rest rooms are gross, although some consider this an indicator of a good chinese restaurant. Also, if you're into PETA, their lobsters and dungeness crabs are stacked about 5 layers deep, so you might not want to go there.