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Dec 1, 2006 04:13 PM

Cambodia Cuisine?

While walking up Third Ave the other night, I noticed the window of what was once an old junk store b/t 93 and 94th on the West side (next to Osso Buco) that had recently been cleaned out and gutted, had a sign reading "Cambodia Cuisine" along w/some old (1992) Zagat ratings along w/other magazine and newspaper reviews plastered all over it. I have been going crazy since Saigon Grill closed for renovations (it's impossible to tell what kind of progress they are making since it's totally boarded up) so was wondering if this rings a bell to anyone.

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  1. Cambodian Cuisine closed this year in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to move to the UES in Manhattan. I imagine this is their new place. The restaurant got mixed reviews in Brooklyn. I only ate their once and liked my dish, but not enough to go back before it closed.

    1. We'll just have to see how long the novelty lasts on the Upper (Price Range)...the classic "Soupless Noodle" at a cool twelve bucks?...just speculating.

      1. The original comment has been removed