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Author David Kamp's book chat in San Francisco

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Last night I went to David Kamp's book event at Book Passages at San Francisco's Ferry Building. He's the author of "The United States of Arugula." It was an entertaining evening. Kamp is the typical charming New York author who offers an outsider view of the food scene across the nation, and specifically California.

He talked about food luminaries like James Beard, Craig Claiborne, Julia Child, and, of course, Alice Waters. It was the question on Alice Waters that he interestingly mentioned the brief "controversy" on the Chowhound board where someone claimed he wrote something about Waters in his book without interviewing her but the claim apparently turned out not to be true. (Which is why he had Chowhound take down that thread, so that post no longer exists.)

I think Kamp's writing is pretty humorous, and I like the fact that he's not from any established food writing publication. I'm looking forward to reading the book that I purchased last night. I posted a short recap of his book chat on my food blog with a 7-minute highlight wheel that I posted on YouTube. (Sorry for the poor quality, but I just shot it on my little digital camera. The sound is OK though.)

Here's where you can see it: http://singleguychef.blogspot.com/200...

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  1. You're going to enjoy that book. It's a terrific history of the food movement in America, beautifully written by someone who obviously loves his work. It's just dishy enough to keep your interest, but it's scrupulously plotted and worked out. The characters are enough to keep the story moving, but all the rest is quite illuminating.

    I went through it in two days, which is unusual.

    1. That's some fast reading Atlantis. ;) Yeah, can't wait to read it all.