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Dec 1, 2006 03:47 PM

taxi cab stand indian/pakistani (downtown?)

hallo, chowhounders. anyone have recommendations on good indian/pakistani that taxi drivers frequent, preferable downtown? i wonder if there are any good ones in west village, specifically, but would like to know about downtown ones in general. really good, really fast, and really cheap = huzzah

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  1. Pakistani Teahouse on Church gets mentioned frequently. It is cheap but it's also standard steamtable stuff that you'd run away from if it was served at a regular Indian buffet lunch.

    I don't know where the idea came from that Indian cab drivers have great palates. No one would ever say that about American truck drivers.

    What they have in common is a need for fast cheap food. Quality is a distant 3rd.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      I disagree, if you see a busy truck stop off an interstate at breakfast time chances are it has amazing pancakes or eggs. Would I judge my next omakase tasting by the opinion of a trucker, probably not but for down home comfort food - most definetley! Simarily, I'm goign to respect the opinion of a native person from a given country who knows what good local cusine is.

    2. i don't get the love for pakistani tea house. i worked in that are for a while and gave it quite a few tries but always found it pretty meh. decent naan, though. haandi (upstairs on lexington) has gotten generally favorable mentions on here as well, but yuck. punjabi on e.1st between 1st ave and houston (basement level) is far and away my favorite of the genre. there is a newer, larger place a few doors down, but i've never tried it.

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      1. re: wleatherette

        There was a post on Punjabi recently (I haven't been, but it sounded good):

      2. ON 9th ave. between 20th and 21 st on the east side of the st. I don't remember the name. They give you alot of food for $4.95 and it's pretty tasty.

        1. I used to hit a cart on 28th and Madison (SE corner) - - - Great bang for the buck and opened in the evening.

          1. thanks for the suggestions!