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Dec 1, 2006 03:42 PM

[SAT] Best Carnitas / Al Pastor ?

Where can the best Carnitas and Al Pastor be found in SA (obviously, does not have to be from the same place)?


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  1. I've gone to Guallijos (410 and Blanco) a couple times. I thought the al pastor was a little dry, but still tasty. The bistec tacos are better.
    I really enjoy Titos near Rosarios in the King William area. I dont know if they have the above but their carne a la mexicana tacos are awesome.
    Did you see the article in Texas Monthly? The 63 Tacos you must try, excellent article about tacos all over the state. Titos is mentioned for their shredded chicken and guac which I have not tried yet.
    There is a place on Jones Maltsberger called La Patronca and I will be trying their al pastor and bistec tacos this evening for to go dinner. Will let you know.

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        The alhambra (?SP) tacos at Guajillos are even better. My wife and kids love the al pastor there though.

        1. re: saeyedoc

          You're right SAeyedoc, the alhambre were the ones I had and the best so far. I have not tried the bistec.I am looking at the menu now, this is the description: "sauteed steak, pork loin, bacon, onions and poblano peppers", very good, need to go for lunch again! Shauben2007, Have you tried this place? I think you will enjoy trying all the different tacos, definitely not your typical tex-mex place.

      2. Not yet, hopfully will soon.