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Dec 1, 2006 03:38 PM

Seville oranges? Now?

Any sightings of Seville oranges in Toronto yet? I had a notion to make marmalade for Christmas but I'm told they don't usually arrive until mid-January. Does anyone know different?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I bought them at St. Lawrence last year about mid January. Wait for them, they make the most amazing marmalade.

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    1. re: Mila

      I've done the marmalade thing since reading about it 20 years ago. It's so much better than the stuff on the store shelves it's unbelievable!

      1. re: Wiley

        Would you share your recipe? Thanks !

        1. re: cocolou

          I'd like to add that you can find them at Dominion's and Loblaws. You might want to select those that are red and not "spongy" (tough skinned).

    2. Thanks - guess I will have to wait.

      1. Whole Foods has meyer lemons right now. They make amazing marmalade.

        1. i've also seen mayer lemons at loblaws and dominion, but no sevilles yet, but great things do come to those who wait, i'd be concerned about quality if they came very early

          1. You're early. Start looking toward the end of this month. The big US crop from around Yuma, AZ shows up around then and runs for a couple of weeks. It's a short window, so keep a look out and buy all you need when you see 'em.The US oranges are vastly superior to the Spanish product that once was all that was available.Also, grab now what's left of canning jars at, say, Crappy Tire or smaller Home Hardware stores, even Loblaws. They're tough to find in winter if you don't have any.