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Le Central (Bristol RI) - Anyone tried it yet?

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I just heard about this new French Bistro, very recently opened in Bristol. Curious to hear your impressions... how tasty and authentic French it is... (Hope to try it myself soon.)

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  1. The only thing I can tell you is the chef has a extensive backround in french cuisene. He used to chef at a similar restaurant in San Fran.

    1. My post from our July visit:

      We stumbled across this spending a few days in Bristol while looking at boats in nearby Portsmouth. It looked charming, like a bisto should, cafe curtains, black and white tiled floor, tasteful and understated. As her main, my wife had an appetizer of mussels in a parsely garlic butter. I had Tajine- Charmoula braised Shrimp, Mussels and Cod in Tomato, Bell Pepper and Preserved Lemon broth, Cinnamon Cous Cous. Both served in tiny cast iron dutch oven-like pots. Hot, fresh baguette from Bristol Bakery. I had chocolate bread pudding for dessert and my wife had a fresh berry and peach gelato with a ginger cookie. Both excellent. Service was impeccable- friendly and casual yet professional and knowledgeable. We were extremely pleased. http://www.lecentralbristol.net/

      1. I am really sorry to depart from the favorable reviews because I was looking forward to trying Le Central based in part on the comments here. A friend and I had dinner there Halloween night. They were not busy, but the service was really terrible; the staff seemed completely untrained, and we waited and waited, yet one waitress was standing at the counter reading a newspaper. The one who served us let us sit around for ages between appearances, not in a good way. Food was poorly seasoned/unseasoned. A salad that was a good concept was tasteless, as were the potatoes that came with the hanger steak, which was not of good quality. Both of us were disappointed, we declined dessert. But I was pleased at least to see a small selection of ports by the glass. I will probably try this once more, and will likely test out the cassoulet, but not anytime soon.

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          Finally getting 'round to planning a trip down there, so we're just wondering if there are any recent visits people would comment on? Their website is somewhat outdated, no idea what their current menu is like. Any feedback on recent visits, please share!

        2. it's not exactly amazing. it is true the the chef had a few restaurants in san fran. however they all went under. i think he came to rhode island looking for some big fish in a small pond action, because the food isn't anything special. not to be harsh. i'm sure he's a decent guy. you'd be better served driving the extra 15 minutes to providence. the price range should be lower, for what they are serving, although it is affordable.

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            It's definitely a fine spot (I go there a lot for brunch), but if you're looking for something truly unique, hit up Persimmon, right around the corner. No need to make the trek to Prov IMHO.

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              oh that's right. persimmon.. they are unique.. and the food is impeccable...

          2. I've been here twice and it's definitely hit or miss. The crepes are perfect. Everything else I've tried needs some oomph. I like the decor, location and service but I won't be rushing back.