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Dec 1, 2006 02:27 PM

Bukhara-what's the latest report?

We're in Delhi for a couple days and I have heard and read conflicting reports on Bukhara. Is it worth the money? Are there other places specializing in kebabs that you would reccommend? Thanks so much.

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  1. I think this is the most recent Chowhound thread (see below), and search International to make sure, since most posts predate creation of this South Asia board.

    There has also been recent discussion on the food boards which is more favorable.
    On the whole, I would be inclined to go on my upcoming trip if I were travelling with a meateater.

    There is also Karim's, in Old Delhi and Nizamuddin.
    Charmaine O'Brien's 2003 Delhi book seems to have a lot of good food detail and relevant eating reccs, better than any normal tourist guidebook since it covers all the different phases of Delhi history and the culinary contribution of each group that came through. I seem to recall she liked a place called Park Balluchi in Hauz Kaus, among others, for NW cuisine. If you want to troll around the internet, there are some good Rahul Verma articles in The Hindu on homey, chowhoundy type eating places around Delhi, too.

    will be great to hear about your experiences

    1. Would also suggest The Great Kebab Factory. Excellent kebabs but be warned they do nothing but Kebabs. They have a unlimited kebab platter with about 5-6 varieties of kebabs for you.

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        Have heard good things about Great Kabab factory, as I just mentioned in another post. One location in Noida and another near the airport, in the Radisson Hotel - the latter is pricier.

        Great mutton burra kababs at Karims, yes. Both Old Delhi and Nizamuddin locations. Wnderful street kababs in both areas too, if you are not queasy, and have a local to help you out, go to the lane of kabab shops in Nizamuddin, Noor is good for takeout and Ghalib is ok to sit in and eat. The seekhs and shammis there are beef (buffalo meat), cheap and wonderful. Dont drink their water or eat their onions/salad.

        Park Balluchi is decent enough, but unless you are in that area, I would not go all the way. Every neighbourhood has a good place and people can usually tell you about the best one in their neck of the woods. But avoid the Pandara Park ones like Gulati's, too much publicity, bad quality, and overpriced.

        I always think of going to Bukhara then chicken out since I never have enough time or tummy space to eat as many meals as I want to at other wonderful Delhi restos at a quarter of the price. But ill go someday since have never had NWF cuisine.

      2. I just found a Delhi travel tip on the Guardian website praising Bukhara - with a weblink - to my chagrin, after a minute, I realized the link was to a resto in Cape Town, and no, doesnt seem to be related, judging by the 'history' on the site. Not an ex-chef unlike the NY one.