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Dec 1, 2006 02:24 PM

Lobster in Chinatown

Any suggestions for good and reasonably priced lobster in Chinatown? Have to stress no MSG on this one too. Thanks!

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  1. I've had excellent lobster in black bean sauce at Hua Sang, which is on Baldwin St.

    1. How is the rest of the food there? Any other recos?

      1. I think you mean Wah Sing.

        That would have been my reco too. The lobster is 2 for price of 1 and cost in the twenties. My fave is with ginger and scallions. They also do crab the same way (though no "deal" going price wise) but since they coat the meat in the cooking process, the crab gets most of the coating on the shell whereas the lobster's is on the meat.

        There's also a REALLY good chicken in a sizzling pot. I don't know the english name for it but ask about a "jer jer chicken pot" the staff will know what you mean.

        The also have a good shanghai noodle stirfry.

        I really like their snails in black bean sauce but it's an awful lot of work for a little piece of meat (don't eat the dark tail area).

        I heard that their deep-fried squid is REALLY good, but when I went it was only okay (the people that reco-ed it also went and said it was better the time before).

        I also like their salt water watercress. Ask for no or less oil, it really is a refreshing dish to cut the heaviness of the other dishes.

        Also, their crystal sauce is good (normally called some veg stir fried with some seafood/beef), but don't get it with scallops, not that fresh. Try shrimp.

        I've also seen lots of people get beef in a sizzling plate...looked good.

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          I don't know if I can wait till dinner...Yummy! Thanks for the write up eco987. is Wah Sing upstairs or downstairs?

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            Nope, I meant Hua Sang.

            I actually prefer Hua Sang (downstairs of Eating Garden) to Wah Sing.

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              "Jer jer chicken pot" is a direct translation of the Chinese. "Jer jer" is an imitation of the sizzling sound. So the correct English name would be Sizzling Chicken Hotpot.

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                I apologize in advance for mentioning this, but "jer jer" reminds me of a Cantonese euphemism I'd rather not elaborate on.

                Oh, and where's Wah Sing?

            2. Ground floor, next to a chiropractic office.

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              1. I second the Hua Sang recommendation. I like the lobster with ginger and onion there. Very, very good!