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Dec 1, 2006 02:05 PM

Fois Gras -what restaurant does it right?

I am looking for a good fois gras experience here in Boston. I'm willing to check out the 'burbs as well. I've never had it and am looking to have a proper one before they outlaw it.
Any ideas?

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  1. It depends on how you would like the foie prepared? It could be prepared many different ways such as a seared lobe or terrine or torchon.

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    1. I've tried foie gras once in my life and it made me understand exactly why it is so revered. It was at No 9 Park. Sublime.

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        Do you know if this is a regular menu item?

      2. Yes, it is one of their signature dishes. It's gnocchi w/ fig and seared foie gras. Served as an appetizer.

        1. Mistral usually gets big props on that. A friend at work also loves it at Il Capriccio.

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            Nein. I bought that ad campaign as well. Not that great at Mistral. In fact the food at mistral is way over-rated.

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                I liked the foie with the duck confit at Mistral the one time I had it (there), but it's been about 3 years now.

            1. Its rare to find decent foie gras in the US let alone Boston. The No9 park dish is a good dish, but not a good representation of what you are looking for. You really need to go to Europe (sad to say) to see what foie gras is all about.

              You must go to the highest end places in the US to check it out done right... try Per Se or Daniel in NYC... or Alain Ducasse before it closes at the Essex House in NY... but even in these places it doesn't compare to places in France. Figure that's too far to go, but if you need names there, just ask.

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                Montreal has fab foie gras (I think they must be extra cruel to the geese or something up there). The best I've had in Boston is at Troquet, (it was served two ways last I was there as one dish, seared with pineapple and in something like a cross between a mousse and a pate, which I preferred) I have been disappointed with the fig dish at No. 9, the foie gras part of it doesn't really stand out, IMHO. There is a veal and foie gras app there that is supposed to be sublime but I haven't had it. As an intro I would look for something like the Troquet dish as you can have it both ways. Petit Robert and Toro also have seared foie gras at a great price, but it's just seared in a little sauce, nothing fancy.

                I have yet to try Pigalle or Mistral for foie gras.