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Dec 1, 2006 01:47 PM

west village take out


I just moved from chelsea to the west village this week, so I now need some simple take out suggestions around Hudson and Morton.


I don't need a pizza, cuz that's pretty obvious...lots of great places around here.


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  1. Italian-Tanti Baci (order the "chiken with capers and lemon")
    Chinese- Mama Budda won my 5 restaurant side-by-side delivery taste-off
    Sandwich-Fiacco's Italian sub
    Burger- Westville
    Diner Breakfast- Hudson Diner (great pancakes for some reason)
    Falafal- Yummy Schwarmy

    Pizza- Rivoli II

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    1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

      thanks for the quick reply...I'll check them out on menu pages, if they're listed.

      1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

        I would skip Tanti Bacci for Italian. I've given it a couple of chances now and it's just so mediocre. Much better are Malatesta and DaAndrea or for more basic either Pepe Verde or Sapore.

        A great Thai choice is Galanga. It's become my go-to thai delivery choice.

        And yeah, choosing "Yummy" Shwarmy over Taim would just be wrong. Skip the former and choose the latter. Taim rocks!

      2. YUMMY SCHWARMY!? that place is not good at all. The hummus is despicable, they are cheap with their pita's, and it definitely doesn't deliver well. Very bad.

        I heard the arabic place on Hudson is supposed to be good, need to try that.

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        1. re: tennisboy

          The pita are fresh and fantastic. Strongly disagree.

          Tabouleh is great as is the hummus.

          Hudson Falafe is just OK.

          1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

            I didn't say the pita was bad, they just provide you with one small one and you have to pay 50cents for each additional. That was the lame part.

            Haven't tried the tabouleh, and I'm sorry, I've never felt so strongly about how bad one piece of food is at a small joint than I do about the Hummus. It has NO garlic, and NO flavor.

            1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

              I like the schawafel at Yummy Schwarmy, but the crappy attitude of the guys who work there pisses me off. Also, for plain falafel, I much prefer Taim nearby.

          2. another great falafel place to order from is taim - really fresh yummy falafel with great sides. try the ginger mint lemonade.

            italian - i like pepe verde for quick cheap italian.

            sandwiches/italian - panino giusto has yummy panini.

            thai - chelsea thai (in chelsea market) has good noodles

            indian - i like surya for indian. all the dishes are good, although i prefer the vegetarian ones, and try the lemon rice!

            enjoy, let us know if you find some other places because i'm always wanting to have something new.

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            1. re: shirlotta

              I am also a fan of Surya. I recommend their chicken korma and saag paneer. The Taj Mahal beer that they offer by the (large) bottle, is also quite good.

              Moustache is another delivery option in the WV. I enjoy their spinach and chickpea salad and their lentil soup. My experiences with their other dishes, namely the lahambajiu pitza and the merguez sandwich, have been mixed.

                1. re: shirlotta

                  If you order from Taim, don't limit yourself to the falafel - the "salads" are awesome, esp. the carrot one and the eggplant one.

                2. I recently discovered Galanga for thai, very fresh ingrediants.

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                  1. re: maxine

                    What dishes would you recommend at Galanga?

                    1. re: Desidero

                      I always get the ginger stir fry with either shrimp (very fresh jumbo shrimp) or tofu. I have heard that the drunken noodles are good, but quite spicy.

                    2. re: maxine

                      i'm a big fan of galanga ... right now i am addicted to their barbeque chicken, and also love the honey pork chop (which is moo yang in a chop format).

                      something else i really like there is the thai-style basil chicken (i.e. they use ground chicken, and put a fried egg on top). ask them to leave out the bell pepper, which they'll do. it is listed under rice dishes. if they don't bring you any nam pla prik on the side make sure to ask for some. the chiang mai noodles are good too, my thai girlfriend is addicted to them! drunken noodles are very good, and spicy; i'm generally very happy with the pad thai (which i get with shrimp). oh, and of their curries, i think their massaman curry is quite good.

                    3. what seems weird to me about Yummy Schwarmy is that they have mayonnaise in the babaganoush. just don't know why they need to put mayo in something like that. i went around one night all set to get something, but that put me right off ...

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                      1. re: mondaybox

                        Have to admit, that turns me off too. Then again, I love creamy cole slaw with my falafel, so go figure...