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Good freshly roasted coffee to buy and make at home?

What are your favorite coffees to take home? Perhaps something from Porto Rico (or the other place on Christopher street)

I like coffee's dark and rich. (Joe's brand is very good; haven't tried Jack's; Doma is good but overrated).

The Wintry Blend from Trader Joe's is amazing, but I'm looking for a new, dark roast to grind at home and use in my cafetiere (italian) to make Americanos.


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  1. Porto Rico is my favorite-also Trader Joe's

    1. I like Porto Rico's French roasts. I generally don't like their non-French roasts. Even their flavored French roasts are good. (It is because I prefer the dark roasts, not due to the quality of their beans.)

      1. Anything in particular at Porto Rico?

        Also at TJ's, I tried Bay Blend but have been a little disappointed. It doesn't blend in the cafeteire as well as, say, Lavazza's freeze-dried bags.

        1. I really like McNulty's coffee - 109 Christopher St. Their coffee is excellent, and they also have a wonderful selection of teas.

          1. I have been addicted to an organic Galapagos Islands coffee from Fairway.(130th) It's on the mild side, but it is wonderful!

            1. Oren's Daily Roast (several locations) has a wide variety of choices; our current breakfast coffee is their Papua-New Guinea (medium). You might try some of their darker selections.

              Their website is www.orensdailyroast.com

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                Strongly second the Oren's rec, which is the best place by far for beans in the city. The Beowulf blend is my personal favorite.

              2. I like Gorilla coffee - they're in Brooklyn, but Whole foods carries them. I liked Nicaraguan something roast.

                1. I have tried many and I think my favorite is Pete's houseblend. It is full flavored and rich, but not bitter. Its availible at whole foods.

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                    Peet's is tops, but I can't stand the grinder at Whole Foods. People grind all sorts of awful flavored coffees in it -- feh!

                  2. Thanks. Yeah I like Peet's, too, so I may buy some of that and something from Porto Rico (mocha java? pumpkin/holiday blend?) and something dark from McNulty's.

                    1. Try ordering from Dallis brothers coffee, in brooklyn. Their number is 718 845 3010. They most sell to restaurants but operate a retail website that you can order from. When you call, ask for Jim Monahan.

                      I had their coffee at Gramercy Tavern and it was simply divine.

                      1. I've had most of the coffees mentioned above and have to say that most of them are very hit or miss. When they are fresh, coffee from Oren's and Porto Rico are pretty good. But I've had plenty of bad batches. Gorilla Coffee is good from the source, their cafe in Brooklyn. Currently, my favorite by far is Intelligentsia's Black Cat espresso blend. Its available from their site: http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/s... You can also buy it at Blue Spoon Coffee on Chambers Street, just West of Broadway. Before heading down there, make sure to check their hours. Like everyone else downtown, they close early and may not even be open on the weekend.

                        1. I love the organic french roast coffee at Whole Foods. I hope I am not too presumptuous in assuming they roast it daily at the New York locales, like they do up here in Toronto.

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                            we are also big fans of the Allegro organic french dark roast from whole foods. really nice, full body.

                          2. In my house we like the Kenya AA roast from Fairway, either location. If you're in the uptown store check to see if Richard, the master coffee man, is there. He'll tell you which ones he thinks are best, and he's usually right. The man lives for coffee, and he roasts everything there himself. And the uptown Fairway carries a lot of fun custom blends for various NYC firehouses that Richard creates based on the preferences of local firefighters.

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                              My favorite coffee is the puerto rican Yauco. I had it at Gramercy Tavern and was able to eventually track it down on the internet. They sell it at coffeebeandirect.com and coffeefool.com

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                                Another vote for Fairway. Anyone can make Kenya AA taste good but Fairway's bargain blends are great, consistently better than the lower cost blends at Porto Rico Coffee.

                              2. Porto Rico on bleecker peter's blend

                                1. Porto Rico has the best beans at a reasonable price. The key is to get the more popular beans and blends, which have higher turnover. I always get the cafe blend (five different beans from south america). If you ask them for a recommendation, the people working there are also very helpful (I have been to the bleeker street location and thompson location).

                                  1. This will sound bizarre, but I think that Starbucks has the best whole beans anywhere in the country. The are the freshest and most consistent.

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                                      Think that does sound bizarre -- especially if you have not gone to the place that has the best beans and best brew in town. And super cool as you watch the beans get sucked out of sealed cannisters and dance around and made to your personal pleasure.

                                      It's called Roasting Plant and it is on Orchard Street. Actually, 81 Orchard between Grant and Broome and I guarantee you might be saying starsucks instead of starbucks.

                                      It is small and hope they open something bigger but even so -- the coolest in town -- I am addicted!

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                                        Thanks for the suggestion! I will check it out ...

                                    2. la colombe is the best - i heard they're opening a cafe in tribeca this summer.

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                                        Porto Rico - French Columbian Supremo - dark, strong, smokey with a chocolate finish. Trader Joe's Double Dark is similar, but not quite as nuanced. I also like TJ's French Roast and Whole Foods' coffee that comes in the cans. I think its called house blend.