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Dec 1, 2006 01:28 PM

Bachelorette Party Dinner on S. Beach for 12 women

I'm looking for recs for a sit-down dinner for 12 where food is excellent, ambiance is gorgeous, and experience is very S. Beach. I know there are tons of great restaurants in Miami but being that it's a bachelorette party, most people want to be on S. Beach. I've been to the Blue Door but sat inside and think it may be too quiet for a group. Is Shore Club good? What else? Thanks!

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  1. Nobu at Shore Club. Opa if you want Greek food.

    1. Any other recs? Is Barton G. Good? Is it on S. Beach?

      1. I think one of the most fun places for a bachelorette is China Grill. Its a true South Beach experience, you can be as loud as you want, food is good, and drinks are great.

        1. Sobe is dead on -- Nobu if you want to spend a lot and in a fancy see and bee seen location, Opa is fun but not as fancy/sceney/expensive (not a dump by any means though) and is almost ideal for bachlorette parties.

          Social Miami is another really good choice (and might be the best choice if you are leaning more heavily on the scene side vs. food scale) if you go on friday or saturday. It is basically the place to go early friday and saturday now.

          Despite some bad reviews by otherwise reliable posters, you can get away with a very good meal at social and they have a very good bar.
          Chicken Lollipops
          Lamb Chops
          Devilled Eggs
          Ceviche's except tuna watermellon
          Tuna Tartare
          Pizza is unusual but good
          Do not get dessert.

          China Grille is a good choice but I would choose the ones above before CG.

          Barton g is more expensive than all of the others and not as good. Not worth it and is not as fun as any of the above places. The only thing unique about Barton G is the food presentation.

          To sum up:
          Nobu has the best food (excellent if you don't order sushi, get sashimi salad, black cod miso, rock shrimp tempura), and is a great see and bee seen place.
          Social - Has very good food and is the best see and be seen place on friday and saturday before 1 am.
          Opa-Haven't eaten there in a while but I would say good-very good food, loud but very fun and not as sceney as the above places (but still has a scene). This is my primary bachlorette on a budget rec.
          CG-Not quite as hot as it was a year ago but still has a decent scene, food on par with social.
          Barton G - Great food presentation, overpriced, mediocre food, stay with fish dishes if you go here, the crowd is good but tends to be older btw.

          1. Thanks so much for these suggestions--very helpful! I will stear clear of Barton G!