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"Upscale Restaurant" for 9 year old

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Any suggestions for an "upscale" restaurant downtown that a 9 year old might enjoy, something a little better than the usual hamburger and pizza joints? We want to go this Sunday evening which might limit the number of possibilities.

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  1. I always see kids at the Queen W. and Yonge-and-St.Clair locations of Terroni. Yes, it's pizza-and-pasta, but it's upscale, delicious pizza and pasta.

    1. i agree terroni is delicious but i definitely would not consider it upscale....

      1. I took some kids (siblings, ages 11 - 14) to Oliver & Bonacini Café & Grill (Bayview Village mall) recently, and they were thrilled to be eating in a "fancy restaurant"; as it happened, that was their parents' date restaurant! But it's hard to know what would work, since we don't know anything about the 9-year-old's tastes. Even so, I would recommend a place like O & B or Il Fornello. They may not be top restaurants, but they both offer a little more sophisticated atmosphere and menu than your typical 9-year-old is used to, and, if his/her tastes are more conventional kid tastes, then you should be able to find something on either of those restaurants' menus that will satisfy (pizza, spaghetti & meatballs, etc.). And, both Il Fornello and Oliver & Bonacini are open on Sunday.

        1. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower would be fun!

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              Agreed, but when I was nine, ten, eleven, it was fascinating enough to keep me entertained!

              My parents also took me to the Papillon, which in the day, was better than it is now...

              I saw a small child at Auberge du Pommier a while ago -- she was beautifully behaved, and that is the key, but it was her birthday and the staff made quite a fuss over her!

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              Fun for a nine-year-old, yes, but very expensive mediocre food.

            3. i suggest Marche (in BCE place) (which is called Richtree now)

              it was my totally favourite place when I was young

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                I wouldnt exactly call this "upscale", infact, the food itsnt really good in my opinion and its not really a dining experience, since people dont serve you.. however, your kids will DEFINETLY love it.. especially if they get into the dessert aspect of it. But beware, keep an eye on your kids in a place like that, your basically giving them your credit card for them to run around with and order everything they see and want to try. It could definetly be dangerous haha

              2. How about Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ(Don Mills N of Eglinton).
                It is buffet 'sort of' as you choose your raw ingredients and then watch them being cooked. Most kids enjoy being able to choose exactly what they want - and can return several times.

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                  Second that. Surprisingly good food for that type of place and price point. Great fun for kids but not necessarily upscale.

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                    I don't think GKM BBQ is "upscale" as the OP requested.


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                      Not only is it not upscale, it's not downtown, as Soko requested.

                  2. How about Greek food? There are lots of places on the Danforth. Ones with kids' menus include The Friendly Greek and Asteria (I think) They would probably enjoy the "simple" food, and you could order something exotic like stuffed grape leaves!

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                      I'm sorry, but since when are stuffed grape leaves exotic?

                      The Danforth is a wonderful place to take kids -- most of the Greek restaurants are kid-friendly, not just the mediocre fast-food places like the Friendly Greek.

                      Soko, if you're interested in Greek, take your kid to Megas or Pantheon. The kid can have chicken souvlaki, you and your spouse can have grilled octopus and the pikilia plate (mixed mezedes, or tapas), and you can order saganaki (flaming cheese) and say "opa!"

                    2. Thanks everyone for your replies. Even though we live in the Danforth area, we have decided (actually, my 9 year old decided), that we will try Pantheon or Avli, which I believe does serve slightly more upscale food than others on the Danforth. Will give you a report on how he/we enjoyed it.

                      1. I agree. Some of these suggestions are really not upscale. Some people just don't give enough credit to kids. But I find Avli absolutely delicious. And an Opa or two will always be fun for a kid - a kid of all ages (even when you are 30)! If your kid eats rabbit, I highly suggest the rabbit pie. The lamb one is also really tasty. Enjoy!

                        1. Thought I would let you know how it all turned out. Our son (the 9 year old), chose to go to Avli, after reviewing the menu outside, second choice was Pantheon (will try it next time). Dinner was a smashing success, definitely more upscale (and of course pricier) than the other souvlaki joints on the danforth. Nonetheless, the food was very well prepared, from the calamari with pureed garlic and potato dip, to the organic chicken breast souvlaki, through to the wonderful aromatic lamb and mushroom and chicken pies. And a good wine list to boot, with a terrific selection of greek wines, one of which we tried. The son loved the food, pronouncing the calamari the best he's ever eaten. We will be back. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

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                            Congratulations on raising a son who happily eats calamari at age 9! Glad to hear the dinner was a success.