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Dec 1, 2006 01:11 PM

"Upscale Restaurant" for 9 year old

Any suggestions for an "upscale" restaurant downtown that a 9 year old might enjoy, something a little better than the usual hamburger and pizza joints? We want to go this Sunday evening which might limit the number of possibilities.

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  1. I always see kids at the Queen W. and Yonge-and-St.Clair locations of Terroni. Yes, it's pizza-and-pasta, but it's upscale, delicious pizza and pasta.

    1. i agree terroni is delicious but i definitely would not consider it upscale....

      1. I took some kids (siblings, ages 11 - 14) to Oliver & Bonacini Café & Grill (Bayview Village mall) recently, and they were thrilled to be eating in a "fancy restaurant"; as it happened, that was their parents' date restaurant! But it's hard to know what would work, since we don't know anything about the 9-year-old's tastes. Even so, I would recommend a place like O & B or Il Fornello. They may not be top restaurants, but they both offer a little more sophisticated atmosphere and menu than your typical 9-year-old is used to, and, if his/her tastes are more conventional kid tastes, then you should be able to find something on either of those restaurants' menus that will satisfy (pizza, spaghetti & meatballs, etc.). And, both Il Fornello and Oliver & Bonacini are open on Sunday.

        1. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower would be fun!

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            1. re: Teep

              Agreed, but when I was nine, ten, eleven, it was fascinating enough to keep me entertained!

              My parents also took me to the Papillon, which in the day, was better than it is now...

              I saw a small child at Auberge du Pommier a while ago -- she was beautifully behaved, and that is the key, but it was her birthday and the staff made quite a fuss over her!

            2. re: zoohort2

              Fun for a nine-year-old, yes, but very expensive mediocre food.

            3. i suggest Marche (in BCE place) (which is called Richtree now)

              it was my totally favourite place when I was young

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              1. re: ssainani

                I wouldnt exactly call this "upscale", infact, the food itsnt really good in my opinion and its not really a dining experience, since people dont serve you.. however, your kids will DEFINETLY love it.. especially if they get into the dessert aspect of it. But beware, keep an eye on your kids in a place like that, your basically giving them your credit card for them to run around with and order everything they see and want to try. It could definetly be dangerous haha