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Dec 1, 2006 08:17 AM

Willy's BBQ in Agoura

Pros/Cons opinions?????

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    1. If you want better BBQ and lower prices, travel a short way down the 101 to Las Virgines Road and go to JV's. I like it much better than Willy's in Agoura Hills.

      Here's a recent thread on it:

      All this BBQ talk has me jonesing for BBQ. Guess I'll go to JV's lunch time today!!!

      1. I went there once, about a week ago, and once was enough. I found most things to be really mediocre and few things downright bad.

        The pulled pork sandwich was dry and devoid of that smoky, juicy and well... "porky" flavor that makes pulled pork good. The fries that accompanied it were cold and soggy and seemed to have been cooked the previous day. The sauces on the table seemed like doctored supermarket bbq sauce with varying amounts of Tabasco added.

        The service was horrible. About half the seating is outside, which was where we made the mistake of sitting. We had to walk inside to ask for menus. Then we had to walk inside again to ask if we could order. After we got our food we never saw our server or any server again. Our drinks were never refilled and we finally had to get up and go inside to ask for our bill. The other two tables outside seemed equally neglected.

        If this place were dirt cheap I might be inclined to give them a second chance under the theory that even great restaurants have bad days, but at the stupid high prices they are charging for their food I'll stick to Wood Ranch, which while not great, is worlds better than Willy's.

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          This is what I was wondering about, cause it's kinda hidden, and I guess the activity level speaks for itself. Thanks for "Ginea Pigging" this place and sharing your sub par experience.

        2. The original comment has been removed