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Dec 1, 2006 06:22 AM

girls night out

looking for a place where a bunch of grad students in our mid-twenties can get dolled up and go out for a night on the town. we attend school in downtown and are looking for a place OTHER than downtown.

the itinerary would be dinner/drinks, then maybe dancing. so proximity to a club or the like would be ideal.

here's a list of what we are looking for (most important coming first)
1. AMBIANCE (please chowhounders, forgive me that food isn't #1)
3. proximity to nightlife

somewhere in weho perhaps? it doesn't necessarily have to be weho, but some kind of lively atmosphere is always nice. and plus, it's been so long since any of us have gone out because we are buried in our books all day and all night.

price range: $15-25 for an entree for dinner, not including drinks.

we thank you in advance!! =)

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  1. Folks, please keep your responses focused on the restaurant part of this question. Nightclubs and bar scene discussions are beyond the scope of this site, and will be removed.

    1. Try Geisha House or Citizen Smith. Both have entrees under $25, and offer small-ish plates so you can share stuff as well. Both are uber hipster joints and close to lots of nightlife (Cinespace, Ivar).

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        Citizen Smith is a great choice. The atmoshpere is chic and bustling and the foods pretty good. You could also try Memphis nearby which is a lot of fun, but the food is a little more mixed. Finally, I'd recommend Magnolia. Not quite as much of a scene as the other two, but still lively and the food is better. Though I should warn you the food at all of these places is close to $25 than $15.

      2. Forget Geisha house..the food costs an arm and a leg, portions are teeny, and flavor sucks. Sure, it's hip, in the, "Hey, I'm a twit and want to be in a loud place full of other twits so we can spend the evening feeling we're all nifty keen and special. I'll notice the $350 I was dumb enough to drop here when I sober up" The sushi is barely up to snuff. Good saki list, though.

        Uber Hip just means "platic barbie meat market". The biggest celebrities I ever saw the evening I tired it out was the huge table of skanky men and women who were most obviously porn stars.

        If you want to have a fun time in the area...hit Lucky Devil's for a few cold ones, some good drub, great shakes, and ten go dance it all off in a club somewhere.

        Or go to the Abbey in West Hollywood, or Hugo's (also West Hollywood), or Caffe Angeli (weho again)

        Those are near night life. Heck, you could stay at the Abbey for all your needs

        1. I think you will double (or more) your budget at Geisha House, even without drinks. It is a fun atmosphere though.

          Yatai on Sunset has been getting good reviews on here recently but it's a little bit of a walk to the bars/clubs on Sunset (but still very doable unless you're in spike heels!). Or, I had dinner the other night at the restaurant in The Standard on Sunset and entrees are really reasonably priced (<$20). Food is only okay - I wouldn't recommend the meatloaf, but my friend loved his Salmon.

          Or, how about Pasadena? Lots to try in Old Town - don't know about the club scene there (other there are some). Bar Celona and Villa Sorriso are both fun/hip atmosphere where food is okay enough to go if you're more into the atmosphere. :P

          1. Third the rec for Citizen Smith.

            Koi and Katana are doable without mounds of sushi.

            Palm Thai for Elvis.

            Dar Maghreb to eat with hands :)