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Dec 1, 2006 05:51 AM

ISO Joe's Special - Pasadena

I suddenly have a craving for a good Joe's Special. Anyone know any place that features this old San Francisco treat - preferably around the Pasadena area?

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  1. They have it on the menu at Green Street Restaurant in Pasadena. Breakfasts are quite good there. While I've never had their "Joe's Special," they have the best pancakes in town.

    If not there, the Pantry, on Figueroa in Downtown LA, can do it for you.

    1. Mel's Drive in in SF has a Joe's Special. There's a Mel's in Hollywood but I'm not sure if they make it there or not. I checked the menu on the website and it didn't list it. If you happen to be in Hollywood I would stop by and check it out anyway, they might make it for you or it may actually be on the menu at the restaurant.

        1. re: amandine

          Supposedly a dish invented by the proprietor of Original Joe's up in San Francisco.

          Quote from linked article:

          "The signature dish is Joe's Special, ground chuck, chopped spinach, three eggs, cheese, spices, cooked in olive oil in a skillet with the heat turned high.

          A robust All-American Italian dish, 545 calories and 336 milligrams of cholesterol. Joe's Special, copied at many places, was invented at Original Joe's."