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Dec 1, 2006 05:24 AM

Where to get your goat (good and curried) in L.A.? Especially Westside.

Having just tried some curried goat, I'm now wondering where to find this dish in L.A. done nicely. (And do they really sell goat at markets?)

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  1. Katmandu Kitchen on Venice in Culver City has a MEAN Curried goat dish...


    1. You can get goat around -- I got goat at A1 Market on Sunset in Echo Park. I hear you can also get goat somewhere in Culver City..but don't know the name :(

      1. Heard good things about the goat curry at Ambala Dhaba on Westwood, but haven't had it yet.

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          At Ambala Dhaba in Artesia and W.L.A. they do serve a wonderful Bakra(Goat) Curry. It is a real bargain when ordered as a lunch special where it comes with side dishes and a sweet!

          Ambala Dhaba
          18418 Pioneer Bl.
          Artesia, CA 90701
          562 402 7990
          1781 Westwood Bl.
          Los Angeles, CA 90024
          310 966 1772

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            omigod, the Ambala Dhaba goat is wonderful...I stayed away from it forever, thinking it'd be too strong or something, but it's great!

        2. On the Westside, Monte Alban's Goat Barbecue is the shining beacon to which every version of Goat Curry I've had would like to aspire to.

          The presence of Indian spices like Cloves... reinforces the similarity in the saucing (albeit still different).

          1. Port Royal, a Jamaican place in Santa Monica, had great curried goat. It's on Broadway just east of 14th St.

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              just remember to call ahead as they do not have a set opening or closing time. its kind of on the owner's whim. =)