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Dec 1, 2006 03:08 AM

Had to pass this one along

Every once in a while you come across a recipe that is so interesting or intriguing that you feel you need to pass it along. This is one of those recipes. I'd never heard of it and was curious enough to try it. It was amazingly easy, tasty and fun. It's called "Eggs in a bag."
Take a sandwich size Ziploc bag and break two eggs into it. Squish the eggs up well with your hand. Add any kind of filling you like in an omelette. I used diced onion, diced ham, diced bell pepper, cheese, chile jalapeno and salt and pepper. Squish some more. Seal top and drop into some boiling water. Let the bag boil for exactly 13 minutes. What you end up with is a perfect omelette, fluffly and oil free. Easy clean-up too.
We also had this dish at a fundraiser breakfast. They had us write our name on the Ziploc with a marking pen. This was a cool way of indentifying your dish.

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  1. well, if that isn't a fascinating technique, i don't know what is! sign me up,neta. i'm agonna try it this wkend!!thank you.

        1. re: butterchicken2nan

          I've never made salmon in the dishwasher, but I have preserved jam in it. Not the safest technique for preserving, for sure, but it worked fine for me...

        2. While this can be good for large group 'omelets', my experiment with this was VERY disappointing. Also, all plastic bag manufacturers tell you NOT to use the bags to boil as they could be hazourdous to your health. I had better luck throwing an egg & ingrediants in a small Rubbermaid container shaking and microwaving ... it was a lot quicker.

          1. Meh... omelets need butter. Fry make tasty.

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              I agree. There's a restaurant near me which uses the frother from their capaccino machine to make scrambled eggs. They put the eggs into a glass pyrex measuring cup, scramble them up a bit, stick the nozzle into the eggs and it aerates them so they fluff up and "scramble". They are a huge hit, but I find them utterly horrible, since there is no butter in it. Like eating fluffy hard boiled eggs with no flavor. Blech!