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Dec 1, 2006 02:57 AM

Craft this evening (report)

Couldn't get into Gramery which was our first choice. We were going to an event so needed a good but simple meal. The maitre d' at Gramercy recommended Craft. My friend and I each had a glass of wine and we split a salad, an appetizer, and a main course.

Wine: one of those places that serves big goblets but then only fills them a teeny bit. This was overpriced.

Salad -- bib lettuce with bacon. Nice and nicely sized (but almost too big for the few pieces of bacon which sort of got lost on the plate) and which seemed all the smaller because of the largeness of the salad around them.

Appetizer -- sweetbreads -- a bit stingy in the portion. Cut a little too thick for my taste. And undercooked a little too much for my taste -- a little too gelatinous in texture. But overall a decent preparation.

Main course -- short ribs. Excellent meat but certainly not enough of it. More like the old "nouvelle cuisine" portions. I actually didn't appreciate that they had deboned the meat and prefer to eat short ribs off the bone. Excellent taste but not substantial enough.

This came to $40 per person which I found to be a bit more than it should of been for a shared meal. I know this venue has its fans but I wouldn't think of it as a destination and wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

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  1. Are you sure you weren't dining at Craftbar? Those items all seem to be on the Craftbar menu at the moment.

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    1. re: Davis

      Maybe you're right. I didn't realize there's a difference. Where I was was on Broadway between 20th and 19th. Is that Craftbar and not Craft?

      1. re: adorno

        Yes you were definitely at Craftbar. Craft is on 19th street.

        1. re: Davis

          This would be my suspicion too, esp. since I've always been impressed by portion sizes at Craft. You might want to correct your original post, adorno...

    2. <Wine: one of those places that serves big goblets but then only fills them a teeny bit. This was overpriced.> No matter how big the glass the wine is served in, you are still onlu going to get the standard 6-ounce pour. and that is fair. The larger glass gives you the opportunity to enjoy every drop, as opposed to having that same 6 ounces in a smaller glass, where the air cannot mix with the wine to produce the best flavor.

      Next time if you'd rather have a smaller glass, ask your waiter or the sommelier. I'm sure they can find on for you. Personally I prefer a bigger glass, and to that extent, if I'm served a "full" glass of wine anywhere, I always request an extra glass, so I can pour half off and enjoy the full amount to the max.

      1. I dont think $80 sounds that odd for a 3 course meal with 2 glasses of wine in a nice restaurant in manhattan, with tax. A couple of $10 - 12 glasses of wine, $10 salad, $12 app, $25 entree is looking pretty near $80 with tax.

        1. The price is very fair. But were you "sharing" each dish? Would the portions have been sufficient if you had not shared?

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          1. re: Wilfrid

            I was at Craftbar this past weekend w/my boyfriend. He ordered the shortribs and feld that the portion was a bit small for one person. And we also thought our wine portions were skimpy. But, overall food was good and the price was very reasonable, so we left happy.

          2. Glass to wine ratio is irrelevant - about how much wine to a pour? The "standard" has not-so-slowly creeped down from 6 oz over the years, but less than 5 would be offensive for a table wine.