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Dec 1, 2006 02:48 AM

Where to find an inexpensive but high quality Japanese cleaver?

for opening coconuts


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  1. a cleaver????? not a hammer?

    whatever, kitchenarts on newb st usually has reconditioned knives; call and see about recond or regular price cleavers.

    1. china fair in newton(and when they were in brookline 10 years ago) used to sell super sharp carbon steel chinese/japanese cleavers years ago, they may still do so...they always warned people when they bought them just how sharp they were, and they werent costly whatsoever....might be worth a call

      1. Why the need for a high-quality Japanese cleaver? I wasn't aware of a pressing need in Japan for precision coconut cleaving implements.

        If you're looking for an inexpensive cleaver, try the Super 88 in Chinatown. I love the one I got from there. Be aware that you may trash the blade trying to slice a coconut. Cleavers are heavy-duty knives but they aren't meant to be used on just anything.

        Have you considered a high-quality clawhammer?

        1. A cleaver seems dangerous to me. What happens if the coconut slips, you will spend the rest of your life with the nick name lefty.

          Have you tried a hack-saw? THe thin blade should cut through the outside.

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          1. re: normalheightsfoodie

            Nice point about the danger element. The cleaver could very well glance off the coconut surface and I promise you, a knife like that will sever a thumb with ZERO effort.

          2. Will coconuts crack open if you freeze them... seems no, I just did a Google search.