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Nice place after Landmark Sunshine cinema on Houston

To take my folks to, I need a nice white-tablecloth restaurant near the movie, on Houston (the cinema, not necessarily the restaurant). But not Asian (I've been feeding them Asian all week). Thanks

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  1. What exactly do you mean by white tablecloth? There are some good restaurants around there, but the East Village/LES isn't exactly the best neighborhood for formal dining. What's your travel range?

    1. How 'bout Basso Est on Orchard near Houston?

      I wouldn't have any problem taking my parent there. Good food and very friendly service.


      1. I just read a not-so great review of it on this board and haven't been myself, but isn't Prune a little fancier? It is close to the theator and walking by it looks like it has such a nice vibe.

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          Prune isnt fancy at all actually, very bistro feel to it, simple wood etc...and very infamously cramped seating.

          Suba isnt that far and has never failed me for a nice meal. Public isnt a long haul away either and very good.
          Frankie's perhaps as well?

        2. Tenement is nearby. It's solid, not mindblowing, but has a nice vibe. For a bit of a walk consider Falai or Frankie's Spuntino both on Clinton.

          EDIT: If by white tablecloth you really mean fancy shmancy, these might not be my recommendations. they are all good, but they all have the feel of repurposed LES spaces-- great service and food, but definitely "downtown" in nature.

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            Medium fancy, but not fancy-schmancy. Kinda Duane Park (where we ate last week?) A grown-up restaurant.

          2. I really like Max on Ave. B btn 3rd & 4th Street.
            Great italian homemade pastas. Killer ambiance. But not white-tablecloth.
            Doesn't matter though...you don't need it!

            1. Rialto I believe has the table cloth and standard american brasserie fare. Nothing to write home about but solid post-movie fare.

              1. in that area for "nicer" dining I would go with Hearth. you can definitely take your parents there.

                1. Peasant on Elizabeth street.

                  1. How about The Orchard? Not too far away, and extremely good food. It's not "white tablecloth" but it is very nice and it's not a super-young or trendy crowd.

                    1. How about Apizz, right around the corner? It's fairly fancy, cozy and has delicious food. Gets rave reviews on this board.


                      1. I second Hearth, but it is a difficult res. I also have to suggest Katzs if your folks have never been. Far from a white tablecloth, but it's right down the block. Also had a good meal down at Alias awhile back. Clinton and Rivington.

                        1. I think Savoy is the best option in the nearby area. I've taken my parents there and they always like it. Peasant is also a nice choice.

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                            Agreed. I was going to suggest Savoy. I like Peasant a lot too, but I think Savoy fits your description well.

                          2. I vote for inTent after a good meal there last night. Mott btwn prince and spring. Good, interesting menu, great execution, and not that expensive.

                            1. There are 2 bistros near by that are quite good. Lucien is the better one, but Père Pinard is good also. You get bistro food, steak frites, mussels, steak tartare, salmon tartare, etc.

                              1. I'd vote yes for Savoy - especially the upstairs part, and no on Lucien for parents. Too crowded, noisy and sometimes you leave smelling like you just jumped off the grill.

                                1. Supper or Lucien... would have been my vote.