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Dec 1, 2006 02:26 AM

Nice place after Landmark Sunshine cinema on Houston

To take my folks to, I need a nice white-tablecloth restaurant near the movie, on Houston (the cinema, not necessarily the restaurant). But not Asian (I've been feeding them Asian all week). Thanks

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  1. What exactly do you mean by white tablecloth? There are some good restaurants around there, but the East Village/LES isn't exactly the best neighborhood for formal dining. What's your travel range?

    1. How 'bout Basso Est on Orchard near Houston?

      I wouldn't have any problem taking my parent there. Good food and very friendly service.


      1. I just read a not-so great review of it on this board and haven't been myself, but isn't Prune a little fancier? It is close to the theator and walking by it looks like it has such a nice vibe.

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          Prune isnt fancy at all actually, very bistro feel to it, simple wood etc...and very infamously cramped seating.

          Suba isnt that far and has never failed me for a nice meal. Public isnt a long haul away either and very good.
          Frankie's perhaps as well?

        2. Tenement is nearby. It's solid, not mindblowing, but has a nice vibe. For a bit of a walk consider Falai or Frankie's Spuntino both on Clinton.

          EDIT: If by white tablecloth you really mean fancy shmancy, these might not be my recommendations. they are all good, but they all have the feel of repurposed LES spaces-- great service and food, but definitely "downtown" in nature.

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          1. re: psmalera

            Medium fancy, but not fancy-schmancy. Kinda Duane Park (where we ate last week?) A grown-up restaurant.

          2. I really like Max on Ave. B btn 3rd & 4th Street.
            Great italian homemade pastas. Killer ambiance. But not white-tablecloth.
            Doesn't matter don't need it!