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Dec 1, 2006 02:13 AM

did my apple cider go bad?

Hi, this is my first post here...I found this board while checking on google to see if I could find any info on apple cider expiration dates.

About a month ago, I bought a gallon of fresh apple cider from the local farmer's market. It says it's free of preservatives, but doesn't say if it's pasturized or not. Anyway, it's been opened in my fridge for a few weeks, and I just poured myself a glass. The first time, there was some dark colored stuff in it, so I poured it back, shook it up, and re-poured, and it seemed to have disappeared. So then I took a big swig of it and ended up with a long stringy glob in my mouth, which I of course promptly spit out. It's sort of clear-ish with a hint of cider color.

Other than that, it doesn't taste weird at all, so I drank about half the glass. But in retrospect, that seems like a stupid idea. I'm now wondering if (a) I should toss it out, and (b) I'm going to get sick. I'd rather not have to do either, but I guess it's my own fault for trying to savor it and not drink it all in a week.

Anyway, apologies for a drama-filled first post, but any advice anyone might have would be more than welcome...

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  1. its fine - just starting to turn into cider (alcohol) - drink it up and be happy - soon it will develop fizz

    1. My experience with cider is that if it's not pasteurized, it gets "hard", meaning alcoholic. We've set up cider before for several weeks and have had great (hic) results. But I've not had any kind of globulation. If it was mold or any kind of biofilm, though, it would ordinarily smell more "off" than alcoholic, and it would usually float very obviously on top. I'd say you're probably fine. It's going to ferment and go hard before anything harmful forms in it. If there are solids, you may want to strain those out before drinking, but just be aware that you may be drinking an alcoholic beverage rather than just apple juice.

      1. Oops, I meant to post this to the general food forum...sorry.

        Thanks for the input, that puts my mind at ease. Hard apple cider is my adult beverage of choice, fortunately. Maybe I'll heat it up next time just to be younger brother who works in a lab is telling me that it could grow bacteria too, but I can't tell if he's serious or just being an annoying little brother.