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Dec 1, 2006 01:24 AM


Will be in highpoint for four days.
remember eating at an old funeral parlour a couple of years ago, but forgot the name.
also any other nice places for dinner/
italian would be nice, as well as regional food.
Not interested in thai, Viet, etc, as we have ample in toronto.

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  1. If you mean Highpoint, Nc., Then Kepley's BBQ might be for you. They have been in Highpoint for more than 50 years. Sauce has vinegary taste like eastern NC bbq style. I have been there twice and have had good meals each time. Open Mon-Sat, closed Sunday. Hope this helps.

    1. sorry, didn't realize that there was more than one.
      Yes N.C.
      thanks, will try it.
      any other suggestions would be appreciated.