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Dec 1, 2006 01:21 AM

Thickest Mayonnaise?

I used to eat at a pool hall/burger place and friends got me using the following as a french fry dipping sauce: mayonnaise (I have no idea what brand) with a liberal splash of Texas Pete and a couple of drops of Dave's Insanity Sauce. (Not elegant, but hey, I'm the sort of guy that will eat in a pool hall.)

Anyway, I've tried to duplicate it at home but keep ending up with a runny mess...the mayo breaks down when sauce is mixed in, it needs to be thicker than hellmann's, kraft, etc.; I'm sure the mayo the place used was some sort of 5 gallon tub Sysco or wholesale-club type product...but what?

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  1. Mexican brands of mayonnaise tend to be stiffer than American ones. McCormick is a decent brand. It shouldn't be too hard to find in the Mexican section of a grocery, or even Wally World.


    1. I haven't tried McCormick's mex brand, but was looking at it just yesterday. I'll try it next time I'm at the market.

      Wabbit, if you're in the Southeast, try Duke's brand. It's very stiff (and also shows up in food service sizes). Stiffer than Hellman or Kraft.

      BTW, McCormicks and Sauers are somehow co-owned, and Sauers now owns Dukes.

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        Haven't tried it w/ Duke''s always seemed a little "eggy" to me, for lack of a better phrase. Then again, I haven't tried it w/ the additions, which will pretty much obliterate the taste of anything else in it, anyway.

        Thanks for all the suggestions...think I'll try the mexican/asian suggestions, too. (Didn't even know they had asian mayo?!?)

      2. kewpie mayonnaise is pretty thick. asian grocers generally have it

        1. The Hellmans mayo that is sold to restaurants is marked as "extra heavy" or somthing like that. Try a restaurant supply place, they sell it by the gallon, in addition to the 5 gallon pail. I don't think the no name brands (ie Sysco) will ever be as heavy as this one, Hellmans stands up the best.