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Dec 1, 2006 12:58 AM

Rosalinds' Ethiopian (review- kinda long)

Last Friday some friends and I decided to try out Rosalind's Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax. None of us had ever had Ethiopian food before and were excited to expand our culinary horizons.

We ordered the following:

Sambussa: Very tasty. It's like a bigger somosa, but instead of potatoes they are filled with lentils. I am used to having lentils overcooked by my mom, but these were nice and firm with lots of flavor. Overall, a very enjoyable dish.

Yam Balls: Pretty good but nothing extraordinary.

Vegetable Platter: 5 different vegetable dishes that were all tasty, although some really stood out, particularly the "Split lentil in red pepper sauce, seasoned with assorted spices" All served on top of the thin injeera bread that soaked up all the juices. SO good!

Yedoro Wot ("Spicy chicken stewed in red pepper sauce with an assortment of spices")- This was also very good. The chicken was nice and juicy and sauce was great.

Yesiga Zilzil Tibs ("Sauteed strips of beef with onions & green chillies")- Although the beef was kinda tough, my friends and I really enjoyed the flavor. A solid dish.

All served with injeera, a very soft, thin bread that has a very unique texture.

Overall, my friends and I were very pleased with the meal. I was really impressed with the intense flavor and spice level of Ethiopian food. The food was also pretty affordable. My friend and I especially liked the family style meal and the fact that we got to eat with our hands. It was really quite fun and I highly recommend it for anyone who has never experienced it before.

Next time, I want to go to Meals by Genet to take a step up. Ibex in Hawthorne on La Brea is also on my list.

Oh, and the website has a 10% off coupon that came in real handy.

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  1. I love Ibex. I have been going there for a few years. This is the first time Ive heard it mentioned, besides my mention of it a few months ago.

    The food is delicious, and while a bit of a drive (its actually in Inglewood), the prices are a lot lower than on the Ethiopian Strip. I usually call my order ahead on my way there, it often takes a while for the food to come out. (Although, Ive noticed that at a few Ethiopian places).

    Definitely check out Ibex...Janet does a traditional Ethiopian coffee on Sunday afternoons.

    1. I prefer messob if I feel like meat, Rahel most of the time when I want a good vegetarian feast. Her Injera is the best, and her sambussas are amazing!

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        the reason that her injera is the best is that she doesn't use any 'cheap' white wheat flour. what you are tasting is the more intense flavor of teff.