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Dec 1, 2006 12:56 AM

turley zins

does anyone know where to get turley zin a restaurant wine list

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  1. Charlie Trotter's
    Turley "101" Alexander 1998 $265

    1. FWIW, we recently opened a bottle of Ridge Geyserville 1997 to accompany a Moroccan meal at Andalous... the wine was sublime, in perfect shape, that great zin velvet texture and very pronounced fruit... From memory the wine cost around $25 around 2000 or so.

      Also discovered that zin is a great red wine accompaniment to a variety of Moroccan dishes.

      FWIW, who in the &^%$#@ would pay 265 for a bottle of zin ???

      1. You mean, "Turdley?" That's what the wife and I call it. It's an okay Paso Robles Zin, but insanely overpriced compared to others in the area. If they succeed, Central Coast will soon be little more than Napa South. Seek Eberle, Castoro, Adelaida, or Opolo instead.

        1. The Chase family, who owns the Hayne vinyard from which some of the better Turley wines are produced, makes their own wine from a 15 acre plot of old growth vines they have reserved for themselves. The Chase Zinfandel typically sells for about 60% less than the Turley. It is made from the same 100+ year old vines, and is every bit as complex as the Turley, but without the high alcohol content burn. The 2000 vintage is ready for drinking now (although it could use a couple more years), but it is getting harder to find. Oceanique has it on their wine list.

          1. they have the turley zin on the wine list at sweet and savories. a great restaurant on fullerton. go wednesday to have a glass with the kobe foie gras burger with truffled mayo on broiche bun and duck fat fries or on monday to try the chef's tasting menu.

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              I'm trying to soak in the esthetics of a "kobe foie gras burger with truffled mayo"... I assume that a kobe beef burger with a slice of foie gras and truffle infused mayo...

              SO... what in the &^%$#@ do you match with that ???

              My favorite matches with truffle are Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo... and Nebbiolo is a consistent knockout wine with great beef...

              I would go with an interesting Nebbiolo here (barolo or barbaresco)... instead of a zinfandel... although I'm not totally wild about either with foie gras... it's like "2 out of 3" food elements point to nebbiolo for me...