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Dec 1, 2006 12:48 AM


An out-of-towner just gave me a gift certificate to Geoffrey's. I've never been, but I've heard the view is spectacular and the food is mediocre. If you had $100 to spend, would you go for dinner and pay the balance, or simply go for Sunday brunch instead? Any specific menu suggestions you have would be helpful as well.


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  1. I love Geoffrey's. The view is spectacular (day or night), and while the food is not outstanding, it up to par with fine dining, with some innovative twists and solid dishes.

    For appetizers, we get foie gras, moroccan shrimp (a bit spicy, but love that sauce!), soups, and tuna tartare with wasabi caviar (one of my favorites among tuna apps).

    All their salads are great. The golden beet salad is quite large, too.

    For entrees, we usually go for the seafood, although the chicken and steak has always been a good standby, too. Proscuitto wrapped salmon, sea bass, and tuna au poivre are great. They will often have specials, too.

    Desserts are not to be missed. I've had all of them, but my personal fave is the tiramisu which comes with a rum-like whipped cream. Sorbets change daily and are refreshing. The warm apple tartin with vanilla ice cream is soo delicious. Hazelnut tart and this little passionfruit ensemble are pretty sweet, too.

    Have lots of fun! and when making reservations, ask for a seat at the far end of the restaurant, most away from the entrance, and at the edge of a balcony.

    Oh, and I suggest you do wait until the winds die down.

    1. Keep in mind that sunset these days is well before 5 p.m., so you aren't going to get a daylight or sunset view of the cliffs and coast for dinner. Also, the traffic on PCH from Santa Monica to Malibu is heavy during evening rush. There won't be any beach traffic these days, so a weekend brunch or weekday lunch would be my suggestion once daylight savings time ends.

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        It's still gorgeous at night though. With the fire pits going, palm frons waving, and heat lamps going, it can get pretty sweet.