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Niu Kee - new ownership?

Does anyone know anything about the new ownership of Niu Kee? I just found out the ownership has changed, but I don't know how recently, and what it will mean for the quality of the food. Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. I was there yesterday for lunch and did notice that the Opera posters were gone. The food was very good so no problems there. I recommend the garlic tofu, less spicy than the mapo tofu but still perfectly delicious.

    The service was attentive although we resorted to hand gestures as neither French nor English seemed to work. eg. wave hand, "soya, soya", make pouring gestures, "sauce?", receive three forks, more pouring gestures "soya?".

    1. I've been there a couple of times since it changed ownership and it's not as atomic as it used to be. they seem to have pared down on the pepper-flower, so that semi-intoxicated afterglow isn't as potent...

      1. I have been twice since the change of ownership and noticed also that the food has lost the kick we loved.

        I also noticed that several plaques highlighting the restaurant that were on the wall in the entrance are now gone.

        When all the cooks cameup to eat I noticed the dad who was the head cook was not present.

        I will give it another chance.

        1. I was there in early December and an acquaintance had indeed confirmed the owners sold the place.
          And there was indeed a discernible lack of punch in the food: home style tofu, home style fish, and big plate of spicy chicken with bones.
          The young wait staff was eager to please, friendly and efficient, and the English was good enough to get the order through plus an extra rice later on.
          I'll also try it again in the New Year.

          1. i agree and this is a huge dissapointment. despite requesting EXTRA spicy , they just couldn't put it together. delicious food but not the same without the kick. new owners are always so stupid for thinking their ideas are better.

            1. Whoa! I was there yesterday with friends and the place seemed more dirty (not a charming dirty), the service was very bad. I had to get our own utensils from another table (man were they pissed) and ask for plates when one or our dishes came and then just sat there. We had to ask for the rice we ordered. And then the food was sooooooooooooooooooo salty we all thought we would have to leave without finishing. I doubled up on my blood pressure pills after. We did sort of finish. Oh, and it was not the same old spice we were used to and had grown to crave. I fear that it is over. Good-bye Niu Kee. We will always have.....a couple if years ago when it was good.

              1. I realize this thread is two+ years old but given leafrustler resurrected it I'll follow by saying that I can't recommend this spot, either. It was suggested to me recently by a friend who cited its fiery-hot food. Perhaps her palate is more sensitive than mine but I stopped in for lunch and came away thoroughly disappointed. I ordered the spicy chicken with pepper sauce large plate and was sad (and annoyed) to see that the dish was a mess of bone-in bits of fatty and gelatinous chicken (dark meat only - I thought it was beef, at first) swimming in a nondescript and relatively bland brown sauce. It would have been nice had the waitress warned me about the bones but I guess that would have required a degree of effort above the minimum. Meanwhile, with great appreciation for the hot and spicy Chinese cabbage over at the transcendent Cuisine Szechuan on Guy in mind, I ordered a similar plate at Niu Kee to go with my chicken and got a brick of gluey clear noodles with bits of cabbage in a vinegary sauce that wasn't the least bit fiery. While the latter dish was distinctly more palatable and edible than the chicken, neither impressed me to the point where I would return anytime soon.

                From reading these boards I saw where the Kung Pao chicken may be worth a shot, there - my bad for not having done my research ahead of time - so I guess if I return that's what I'll try. Nevertheless, in my view this spot doesn't seem to be much to write home about.

                1. not as good nor as spicy as it used to be

                  1. I've been wanting to try "Niu Kee" out for quite some time now, but I keep forgetting about the place because of it's remote location (not sure if remote is the right word).
                    Heard that the place has become quite bad....something about changing owners ???
                    So here is my question : is "Niu Kee" any good these days?

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                      from what i remember of all the other threads, niu kee's quality went down hill. You're best bet is maison szechuan

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                        Personally I'm looking for more recent reports if Niu Kee is good or not. One person who's not on this board, told me it was still very good.

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                          did you mean cuisine szechuan?

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                            Maison Sechuan? Never heard of it! Anyways my fix for Chinese food is at New Dynasty! I'm a regular over there.

                            New Dynasty
                            1110 Rue Clark, Montreal, QC H2Z1K2, CA