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Dec 1, 2006 12:12 AM

Prune is Dried Up

We recently went to Prune and were terribly disappointed both foodwise and pricewise. We paid good money for bad food!

Our friend from San Francisco was the only one slightly satisfied with his steak but was shocked to find nothing but steak. Everything was a la carte. Couldn't they put a couple of brussel sprouts on the plate? One of us had rooster which the waitress swore wouldn't be tough, "we don't serve anything tough." It was tough and tasted like it had retired from long ago from the barnyard. It was served on a piece of burnt toast. The other had a shank of lamb cooked in parchment and it was both fatty and dry at the same time. Again it came with nothing to compliment it. The vegetables and salads we ordered were fair.

We even ordered dessert in the hope that things would get better. Again we were disappointed. Has the place gone downhill or was it never anything to write home about? So expensive for what?

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  1. I've only been once and we were gravely disappointed, I posted about it once upon a time and some CHers piped in and agreed that its overrated. Some love it, some hate it...few are in the middle. I'm in the latter camp and have never returned.

    1. it's the brunch experience that is awesome, perhaps legendary. it's unique and delicious and has been reliable for the last five years for me.

      i'd be interested to hear if people who usually enjoy prune think anything has changed lately.

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        I went a few weekends ago, and though everything was fine, the brunch really isn't "legendary" by any stretch of the imagination.

        The best item I had, for example, was the Southwest Bloody Mary.

        Dinner there was very good (late summer) but again, not to be included in the "best meals to be had in NY" category.

        That being said, I like Prune and will return again - but expectations need to be kept real.

        1. re: dkstar1

          sure - as with anything ever, one person's legendary is other person's pretty good. there's a lot of quibbling amongst chowhound folks about the merit of people's opinions vis-a-vis other people's opinions that mostly seems to be beside the point.

          the point here is that some of prune's finest points are found at brunch. for some, including me, it is exceptional: the bloody marys, the butter-crumbed eggs atop stewed spicy chickpeas, the eggs en cocotte with bibb lettuce and lemony vinaigrette, the awesome pancake, the russ & daughters' smoked fish platter, the fresh ricotta with figs, honey, and pinenuts. scrumptious! the coffee is good, too.

      2. Agree with Nehna -- we were there on Tuesday night and were mostly disappointed. One in our party had been for brunch and said it was good, but dinner was overpriced and underwhelming.

        We all found the menu quite confounding... In fact, three of us ended up ordering from the bar menu because the dinner menu was just so... weird!

        Misses: German lamb sausages that were basically two pretty tasteless meatballs. Smashed potatos as a side, which were greasy, tasteless and needed salt. Goat cheese plate also disappointing (how is this possible with so many thousands of good cheeses in the city?). Chocolate cake "heels" were pretty gross... the kind of stuff you are generally embarassed to serve in your own home.

        Hits: Marinated anchovies, tart tatin and our first bottle of chianti (the second was sour but the server didn't give us a chance to taste it first -- just poured it out).

        1. I have been there for Brunch - the last time was a couple of weeks ago. If it weren't for the wait, it would be my favorite Brunch place in NYC. For brunch go early and go often - for dinner - sounds like I may take a pass.