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Nov 30, 2006 11:31 PM

Eastsider having lunch Westside-Santa Monica?

Hey Hounds...

A foodie friend is coming to town from NYC and I'd like to eat lunch Westside after picking him up from the airport. He expressed a desire to eat somewhere that has outside dining (I guess he thinks it's going to be hot haha).
I'm Eastside so don't know too many places over there. Would like to keep the cost relatively low(er). any ideas? Open to cuisine. Something close to the beach, perhaps?

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  1. Cafe del Rey in the Marina. Not outdoors, but right on the Marina with all the boats nearby. Good food, not terribly expensive though wine and drinks could add up, can share most dishes easily. The go-to place reasonably near the airport.

    1. Try 26 Beach 3100 Washington

      Real nice garden area and everything from gourmet burgers and salads to rack of lamb, i think price range is $10-$30. Burgers and salads are $10-$15. Really a nice place !

      1. Consider Rose Cafe, corner of Rose and Main on Santa Monica/Venice Border, food is always good, great vibe, easy on the wallet.