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Nov 30, 2006 11:16 PM

ISO Picardie Tumblers made by Duralex

I made a trip down to my nearest WS and to my astonishment they were pulled from the shelves. The sales associate said that Duralex went out of business. I couldn't believe it! They've been in business for so many years, why did they have to-right when I was ready to buy my precious collection?! :( I called CS and sure enough they are gone. I was able to order a couple 12 oz boxed sets over the phone but would like more. I wanted to have these in also the 17.5oz, 8.5oz, and 5.5oz sizes. There's got to be somewhere that still has them, right?

Please help me!

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  1. I just googled "Duralex Picardie" and got over 360 references. Give it a try. They're out there.

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      Thanks! ;)

      I'm searching. What I have found so far is low stock. There seems to be plenty of the rock-a-stack kind but I want the classic original. Let me know if you find anything.


    2. Oh my goodness, what terrible news! The original Duralex Picardie tumblers in 12 and 17.5 oz. sizes have been our household standards for years, and I was ready to replenish the stocks with an order from WS. Nothing else is as durable.

      1. Just when i was about to buy some new Duralex! I have dealt with a poseur in the glassware department for the past five years, after capitulating to the cost/convenience factor when inventoring glassware. The look-alikes just don't cut it. For me, I hate the even-numbered sides, versus the odd number on the Picardie.

        Let the board know what you find out. This (Duralex) is the best household glassware ever.

        Maybe I'll have to issue a recall to my son, who went off to college with a bunch of the Picardie tumblers!

        1. I discovered this when I went to order some Picardie tumblers for my newly married son. I couldn't imagine getting any other kind of drinking glasses. I have had mine for over 30 years! At first WS told me they were discontinued, but then a few days later the boxed sets showed up on their online catalog, and I grabbed a set for the kids. I didn't want all the sizes, but it was the best I could do. If you find a source that has plenty of the originals in stock, let us know so I can order more for me.

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            Would you be willing to sell me those sizes from the boxed sets you don't want? :D


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              Rebekah, I feel your pain! I gave the whole boxed set to the kids, so I have none to sell. Are the boxed sets still available online at WS? Jane

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                Nothing is available online from WS. The first thing I did when I read Rebekah's original post was to check the WS web site, and there's nothing there. Also, searches on their site for Picardie and Duralex come up empty. I also got the latest WS catalog in the mail today (Holiday 2006), and there are no Picardie glasses in it, whereas they used to be in every single catalog (and these things come monthly! So I don't think WS is selling any more of them at all. Perhaps try ebay?

          2. I was able to find some still being sold online from Le Tom Ltd. Patrick was quite helpful. Here's the email he sent me if you'd like to know the scoop:

            "Duralex has been going through a rough patch but as far as I know (from the UK importer yesterday) they are still manufacturing at one factory, and they are still supplying the importer as normal. The other factory has been closed for safety reasons. Bear in mind that the French tend to work in weird and wondrous ways.

            The UK importer has the 17oz Picardie in stock but I haven't included them in my own range. Even if I were to add a few to my next bulk order with the importer (December) I don't have any mailing boxes for that size of glass (the glasses I stock are shipped in purpose-made mailing boxes). If you're really set on the 17oz I could obtain some but each pack of six would need to be split up and shipped as individual items in some of the smaller mailing boxes I have. Sorry if this sounds long-winded. In theory I could probably ship some out to you but it would most likely be later in the month, and they would cost rather more than normal to ship to the USA.

            Do let me know if I can be of further assistance.

            Best regards,

            Patrick Taylor
            Le Tom Ltd"

            I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Seems like the only option right now.


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              Oh, and just as an interesting aside, I think every restaurant I've ever eaten at in France uses this glassware! I first encountered them in a brasserie in Cannes, back in the sixties, and on my last trip to France, I had dinner at the Le Cognette in Issodun, (which has a nifty collection of Michelin Stars and charges accordingly!). Guess what I drank from?!?