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ISO Picardie Tumblers made by Duralex

I made a trip down to my nearest WS and to my astonishment they were pulled from the shelves. The sales associate said that Duralex went out of business. I couldn't believe it! They've been in business for so many years, why did they have to-right when I was ready to buy my precious collection?! :( I called CS and sure enough they are gone. I was able to order a couple 12 oz boxed sets over the phone but would like more. I wanted to have these in also the 17.5oz, 8.5oz, and 5.5oz sizes. There's got to be somewhere that still has them, right?

Please help me!

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  1. I just googled "Duralex Picardie" and got over 360 references. Give it a try. They're out there.

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      Thanks! ;)

      I'm searching. What I have found so far is low stock. There seems to be plenty of the rock-a-stack kind but I want the classic original. Let me know if you find anything.


    2. Oh my goodness, what terrible news! The original Duralex Picardie tumblers in 12 and 17.5 oz. sizes have been our household standards for years, and I was ready to replenish the stocks with an order from WS. Nothing else is as durable.

      1. Just when i was about to buy some new Duralex! I have dealt with a poseur in the glassware department for the past five years, after capitulating to the cost/convenience factor when inventoring glassware. The look-alikes just don't cut it. For me, I hate the even-numbered sides, versus the odd number on the Picardie.

        Let the board know what you find out. This (Duralex) is the best household glassware ever.

        Maybe I'll have to issue a recall to my son, who went off to college with a bunch of the Picardie tumblers!

        1. I discovered this when I went to order some Picardie tumblers for my newly married son. I couldn't imagine getting any other kind of drinking glasses. I have had mine for over 30 years! At first WS told me they were discontinued, but then a few days later the boxed sets showed up on their online catalog, and I grabbed a set for the kids. I didn't want all the sizes, but it was the best I could do. If you find a source that has plenty of the originals in stock, let us know so I can order more for me.

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            Would you be willing to sell me those sizes from the boxed sets you don't want? :D


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              Rebekah, I feel your pain! I gave the whole boxed set to the kids, so I have none to sell. Are the boxed sets still available online at WS? Jane

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                Nothing is available online from WS. The first thing I did when I read Rebekah's original post was to check the WS web site, and there's nothing there. Also, searches on their site for Picardie and Duralex come up empty. I also got the latest WS catalog in the mail today (Holiday 2006), and there are no Picardie glasses in it, whereas they used to be in every single catalog (and these things come monthly! So I don't think WS is selling any more of them at all. Perhaps try ebay?

          2. I was able to find some still being sold online from Le Tom Ltd. Patrick was quite helpful. Here's the email he sent me if you'd like to know the scoop:

            "Duralex has been going through a rough patch but as far as I know (from the UK importer yesterday) they are still manufacturing at one factory, and they are still supplying the importer as normal. The other factory has been closed for safety reasons. Bear in mind that the French tend to work in weird and wondrous ways.

            The UK importer has the 17oz Picardie in stock but I haven't included them in my own range. Even if I were to add a few to my next bulk order with the importer (December) I don't have any mailing boxes for that size of glass (the glasses I stock are shipped in purpose-made mailing boxes). If you're really set on the 17oz I could obtain some but each pack of six would need to be split up and shipped as individual items in some of the smaller mailing boxes I have. Sorry if this sounds long-winded. In theory I could probably ship some out to you but it would most likely be later in the month, and they would cost rather more than normal to ship to the USA.

            Do let me know if I can be of further assistance.

            Best regards,

            Patrick Taylor
            Le Tom Ltd"

            I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Seems like the only option right now.


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              Oh, and just as an interesting aside, I think every restaurant I've ever eaten at in France uses this glassware! I first encountered them in a brasserie in Cannes, back in the sixties, and on my last trip to France, I had dinner at the Le Cognette in Issodun, (which has a nifty collection of Michelin Stars and charges accordingly!). Guess what I drank from?!?


            2. Amazon lists them. The website does not say out of stock. Has anyone had any luck there? Jane

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                Amazon has only the new stackable shape, not the original design, which seems to be the case everywhere.

              2. Is there a problem with the stackable type of Duralex?

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                  I think people just prefer the older design. I know I do. And I stack them anyway.

                2. I first drank from these glasses in 1975 as an exchange student in my French family's home, and have had them since I wnet to college in 1979. Was ready to replace some of them at WS when they disappeared from the site. Ironically, ran into them on Crate and Barrel site --- they have the espresso, juice, lo-ball and ice tea --- no high ball (12 oz) glasses, but maybe if we write enough e-mails, they might add those to their range. I'm wondering if new Duralex management (middle-eastern company bought them and worked with French gov't to bring them through bankruptcy and save some jobs) didn't re-negotiate an exclusive with WS and did a deal with Crate instead.

                  I'll post if I find the high balls.

                  1. Rebekah is correct in that the original shape glasses are available from http://www.le-tom.com/ but whether they will continue to be available in the future remains to be seen. This December will be a big month for the French company (according to the French press).

                    These products have iconic status throughout the world. I love them. Long may they live.

                    1. I was a little distressed when I came across this dialogue as I also just found out that Williams Sonoma doesn’t carry them anymore… but not to be alarmed, Crate & Barrel does. C&B carries four sizes, I just bought six of each size. Check out their webpage.

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                        Yes, CB carries the glasses, but NOT the classic tumbler once carried at W-S. I emailed CB and was told that the manufacturer has discontinued the glasses. I have six and want six more. What makes the search even more confounding is that the oz- measurements cited on CB are not the same as W-S used. So now I am searching and searching. I see le-tom carries the glasses, but I can't figure out which glass is the classic size. Sigh!

                      2. Rebekah, if you're still looking for Duralex glasses in the vintage pattern, I have three in each size from my father-in-law's estate. They seem to be selling (used) for around $6 each. Make me an offer and pay shipping, and they're yours.

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                          Hi Rebekah and all lovers of the "Provence" tumblers. We are an Australian coffee roaster/cafe starting up in Brooklyn and, as all espresso coffees are served in these where we come from, we've had to import them (airfreight!!) all the way from Oz. Crazy. They ship them from France and we fly them back up here to New York. Check the online Australian caterer supply sites for price but we land them at "roughly" US$2.80 each. I'm actually going to fly to Paris in a few weeks and bring back a few palets!!

                        2. i share your pain and devastation. i am in the same situ with this. went to WS and got the story. i have only ever used these glasses !! i am looking for the 6 oz juice glass size a dozen or two if supply is difficult. will also check le tom for it. but in the meantime would prefer a us source. help me please help me !!

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                            I just bought 18 of the 17 oz. Picardie tumblers at World Market in Knoxville, Tennessee for about $3.50 each. They have all the sizes, I think, and the smaller ones are less than $3.50. They are Duralex, made in France, and they are exactly the same as the older ones I have from WS.

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                              Thanks for the info! They are out of the 17 oz size. Link- http://www.worldmarket.com/kitchen-ta...

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                                They were still available at the Knoxville store this afternoon. (They are 16 7/8 oz., or 50 cl). I bought a couple of boxes to try to sell on e-bay. There are LOTS of the smaller sizes.

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                                I picked up 8 of the 17oz size at World Market(Chander, AZ) this afternoon. $3.95 each. Marked "made in France" and "Duralex". The store was well stocked in four sizes(7, 8 , 12 and 17 oz).

                            2. I have a Duralex Picardie knock-off. Same shape, slightly heavier glass. Marked Palaks, Turkey. I think I bought 'em at Wal Mart. I have one Picardie tumbler that ended up at my house when a friend carried it out of a bar, and the Palaks stuff is just as sturdy and pleasant to hold.

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                                Wal-Mart? Recently? Tell me it's true! I'll be at WM before they close!

                                I am looking for the same stackability and pleasant hand feel, as well as that subtle edge at the rim. Since you have a Picardie to compare with, can you tell me if it's the same odd dumber of facets? I know - personal tic, but there it is.

                                I'm so glad you posted - of late I have not been letting other members of the family use the Picardie for fear of, well...oopsies. Feh - the price of obsession.

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                                  The Palaks stuff might have come from Pier One or CostPlus, can't really remember. Also never noticed if the facets are odd or even numbered. The glass doesn't have quite as much flair at the top as the Picardie, more straight-sided at the top, but the faceted part is curved. Overall, they're thicker than Picardie, but I like that. I haven't broken more than two in 6 or 7 years.

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                                    I believe I drank out of a Palaks glass at my auto dealer last night. It looked a lot like a Duralex Picardie. However, it felt a little strange in my hand (I have Picardie glasses at home), and when I looked carefully, I noticed that the opposite facets were parallel (i.e., it had an even number of sides).

                                2. For some reason I thought I had posted to this thread before, but it turns out I posted to another thread:


                                  If anyone is interested in picking up Picardie glasses, get yourself down to CostPlus tout de suite! When I posted that message last year, they were just starting to appear in our local CostPlus stores, but they quickly sold out and I didn't see any glasses for quite a few months.

                                  Over the last few months I've noticed stock trickling in, and I picked up a few missing sizes. My last visit revealed almost all sizes in stock, but I'm still concerned that supply of the *original* Picardie could dry up without notice.

                                  http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/20... (scroll down...)

                                  If you're interested, now is the time to stock up!

                                  1. MEMO
                                    Re: Duralex Picardie Glasses
                                    To: All Picardie lovers
                                    From: Another Picardie lover

                                    I was introduced to the lovely Picardie glass by my college friend, a globe-trotting flight attendant, with a penchant for all things Parisian. I amassed a rather large collection of tumblers. etc. They were so elegant, so durable, so French. They were so durable they could be dropped numerous times and miraculously, no breakage. That is until I retrieved one from the dish rack with my left hand, my arm extended to its full length. With my right hand, I opened the refrigerator door to get the milk. Suddenly, I heard a loud explosive noise. The Picardie was gone. In its place were thousands, yes, thousands of tempered glass shards. They were mostly the size of the typical piece of broken windshield glass, but there were also many very tiny extremely sharp ultra thin slices of it all over. For weeks I found broken glass everywhere, in my big toe for instance.

                                    When I took them to Williams Sonoma to return or exchange, they were not too interested. They made me take them home and bring them back when the store manager was there. Eventually they replaced the glasses but weren't too forthcoming with what they knew about the shattering issue.

                                    Go to www.patricktaylor.com/12 where the postings about Duralex Picardie will open your eyes--but you should be wearing your safety goggles!

                                    1. Hey, Rebekah,

                                      I don't know if you're still looking for these. Here's some updated info (as I've continued my quest).

                                      1. Many new ones in the various sizes are still available on eBay and are quite expensive.
                                      2. The 17.5, 12 and 8.5 oz versions are available at many Cost Plus World Market stores --- but you'll have to go to your local store and check. While there is a picture of them in the general "ambience" on their Website, they aren't available on line. However, for the time being they are in stock in the stores at a reasonable price (I'm going from memory here, but I believe that the 17.5 was $3.59, the 12 was $2.59 and the 8.5 was $1.59 each.)
                                      3. I cruised a variety of recent news stories, and it looks like Durlex/St. Gobain is still moving through the French bankruptcy courts and that a new group has taken over from the Middle Eastern gentleman who had acquired the factory from Bormioli and then directed the factory output toward the European and Middle Eastern markets. It now looks like the courts need to evaluate the capitalization that the partners have put together for the company. A slow process, but let's cross our fingers they can bring this fine French product and tradition back into production and profitability.

                                      Let me know what you find at your local Cost Plus World Market!


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                                        Pier One has these in store as of July 2009.

                                        1. re: PghJen

                                          I bought 2 dozen of the juice glasses at Pier 1. They didnt know if they would be carrying these again or not. I think they may have old stock which they have bought and are attempting to sell off. Any further info would be appreciated. TIA

                                          1. re: foodwich

                                            Call, and let us know what you find out:

                                            Duralex USA
                                            Phone 302.326.4804

                                      2. GREAT NEWS! Williams-Sonoma is selling Picardie tumblers again in all four sizes.


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                                          That is great news - but there are more than four sizes ;-)


                                          1. re: Joe Blowe

                                            Sorry, I was referring to the four sizes that W-S carried in the past.

                                        2. Here are a couple other sources for them that I found on Breadbox.


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                                            I just discovered the Picardies are in the Vermont Country Store catalog! I am so glad they are re-appearing. Mine are over 30 years old!

                                          2. Any Canadian sources? I have some Provence (a bit squatter than Picardie) am looking for Gigogne, Picardie or Provence in the SMALLER sizes.

                                            Preferably in Québec or Eastern Ontario, though I might be able to convince a friend in Toronto to buy them for me and ship them, if need be.

                                            1. Williams Sonoma is carrying Picardie again according to their latest catalog!