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Nov 30, 2006 10:55 PM

Sunday w/ kids between Cambridge and N Andover

My parents will be visiting, and they want to meet up with friends who live in North Andover for dinner Sunday night. As a Cambridge-ite who doesn't venture out that way often, I need some help! And the only options their friends can offer are chains such as Outback and Chili's. I rather go more local.

Here's what they are looking for:

-- Somewhere halfway between Cambridge and North Andover (Burlington perhaps?)

-- Kid friendly (the friends have a little one)

-- Nothing too exotic (my dad is not adventurous)

-- Not crazy expensive

-- Nice and good! - specific cuisine not important, aside from anti-exotic note above

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. A couple places in N. Andover to consider would be The Loft or next door Joe Fish. Both kid friendly, not crazy expensive, and good quality food.


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      Are there any places closer to Burlington worth considering? Thanks!

    2. I don't know the Burlington area that well other than the Legal Seafood location at the Burlington Mall.

      1. There was a recent thread on Burlington, lots of chains but a couple options.


        1. Mexico Lindo in Melrose. While it offers some of the more usual fare, it also offers better fare as well. Easy to park (on street or parking lot next to and behind), very kid-friendly. Make resos for peak hours to avoid waiting.


          The straight shot down from North Andover to Melrose involves Haverill St (a great, relatively light-free drive) through North Reading and Reading and into Wakefield, where it blends into Main St at the rotary underneath 128 and Main Street in Wakefield becomes Main Street in Melrose.

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            I was going to suggest Turner's in Melrose although people do find Melrose difficult to navigate to. They do offer reservations, or at least call ahead reservations. It's seafood and raw bar although I am pretty sure there are also some non-fish options. Pretty noisy and friendly to kids.


          2. If you could make it closer to North Andover, I'd say either China Blossom in North Andover (big, family-friendly Chinese restaurant with decent food) or Sal's on Merrimack Street in Lawrence (a huge, comfortable place with an outdoor deck, good pizza, and friendly service).

            For meeting halfway, I'd say maybe China Pearl in Woburn (excellent Chinese food) or Tre Monte in Woburn Center (good Italian).