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Little Bistro closed?

Little Bistro (on court and amity) has looked shuttered with chairs up on the tables the last few times I've walked by. I only went there once and thought it was ok (nothing great, nothing terrible).

Anyone have the scoop? Is it going to be replaced with something more delicious?

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  1. Was wondering that myself. No sign in the window, nothing about it on the answering machine.

    1. No love lost.
      I gave that place so many chances and it just got worse and worse.

      The last lunch I had there was inedible.

      1. That was fast...can't say as I'm crying over it. I did enjoy their calamari, but I recall the hanger steak being rubbery, and everything was overpriced.

        1. No not closed. Just moving to another location. Got an email before but I deleted it.

          1. Happy to see it gone, hope it closes. This place never once lived up to what it should have been. Can get a better meal at Patois or Robin Dubois. I have been there a couple of times, always with the hope they had finally gotten their act together, but no, they never did. Everything was either overcooked (mushy pasta or vegetables) or undercooked (steak served rare when medium was requested).

            Where are they moving?

            1. They're moving to Ditmars and 21st Street. Bigger space, I think is the primary reason. I never got to try them while they were in their old space but am looking forward to checking them out when they move, which happens to be closer to me.

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                The o.p. was talking about a restaurant in Brooklyn (on Court and Amity). Lil' Bistro 33 in Astoria -- hate the punctuation, love the food. megc is right about the new Ditmars location.

              2. Sign up today: Vivir Tapas. Opening Dec. 18. Sign is ugly.

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                  Indeed it is....I could hardly make out the name, the font was so odd.

                2. I've lost my scorecard now--was this the same space that was a sushi joint? Because I remember that I never went there or called there because I couldn't read their name due to awful choice of font. I felt like someone was waiting for me to mangle the name and look ridiculous.

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                    Yeah it was a sushi place, I forget the name...

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                      "I've lost my scorecard now--was this the same space that was a sushi joint?"

                      You have discovered the Great Restaurant Wheel of Reincarnation. They are born as sushi venues, morph into tapas places, then BBQ joints, and then start life anew as sushi bars to begin the cycle again. If they live an especially meritorious life they get to move on to a higher plane of existence and become designer burger places or gourmet pizza joints where life is easy and profit margins are fat.

                    2. No--I used to refer to it as Ooshi Booshi (no disrespect to anyone not as Japanese illiterate as me) but I believe the first word was Oishi---like I said, it was all but illegible.

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                        It was Inaka first (about 6 years ago), changed to Oishi Oochi (about 5 years ago), then LB.

                      2. That's kind of funny that they've had ongoing signage issues.
                        I hope the tapas is better than LB, but I can't say I'm filled with hope.

                        1. The new restaurant that is opening in its spot is called Vivir. Have no idea what kind of place but I imagine Spanish considering. My fingers are crossed the one good thing that LB did was thier blue cheese mac and cheese.

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                          1. Looks like Vivir opened tonight. I walked by and picked up a takeout menu and it looks pretty grim. The menu is riddled with typos, and there's no food focus at all -- just a random assortment of mexican, spanish and italian junk food, from a Beef Quesadella [sic] to Crispy Artichokes Arrugula [sic] to a Graped Pita BLT [no idea].

                            I'm not saying you need to be a champion speller to make good food, but this just shows a lack of attention to detail. Oh well.