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Nov 30, 2006 09:52 PM

Atkin's-Friendly Dishes in LA?

Hi, I'm on Atkin's, and I'm wondering if anyone else is or was on Atkin's and has favorite spots for low-carb meals, or specific favorite low-carb dishes at a particular place. Thanks.

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  1. You can order a low-carb meal at pretty much any restaurant, just skip the starches! Any grilled entree, be it chicken steak or seafood should be fine. I was on South Beach for a year and usually had things like steamed mussels or clams, grilled meats, burgers with no bun etc etc that you can find absolutely anywhere, including your favorite places.

    Sashimi is a lifesaver when dining out, as are meat and cheese plates. Since South Beach is low in fat I wasn't able to have much cheese or fattier cuts of meat, but you can indulge to your heart's content!

    1. When I was on Atkins, I loved going to In N Out burger. Get their double double, "protein style," which meant that instead of a bun they wrapped it up in hand leafed lettuce. Sort of like a lettuce wrap with a double double in it.

      I had two of these for lunch about 3-4 times a week, and I lost 20 pounds that way.

      1. Thai beef salad (yum nua) is a tasty Atkins-friendly dish. My favorite version is at Green Papaya in Alhambra

        1. yes sashimi.
          at mexican places - you can get any of the cocteles - a campechana, a vuelve a la vida. Or stick to a chile colorado or such. As well, menudo with the hoof is very low in carbs.
          Lawry's prime rib - skip the potatoes. The creamed spinach has so much butter and cream that it obliterates the carb value.

          remember komatsu for the all tempura omakase. Skip the rice. in Torrance.

          Also korean bbq if you avoid the rice. The panchan like the kimchee and some of the marinated vegetables shouldn't be a problem.

          I think Indian would be the hardest. ANd the iranian places with all the rice dishes that are pretty much part and parcel of the food.

          Also, red lion on glendale blvd - you can get a plate of a sausage selection that's quite filling. You can ask them to hold the starches.

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            I eat Iranian food all the time, but get a side salad instead of rice. They're usually happy to substitute.

            And remember that tempura batter contains flour, which is an unfortunate no-no.

            1. re: Jerome

              Oooh. Yes, these are some great ideas. Keep 'em coming.

              Yeah, sashimi the protein In 'n Out burgers have been lifesavers.

              And I agree that Indian is the hardest... it's even harder than Italian. Because eating Indian without naan is like eating pizza without the crust.

              And what about desserts? I'm getting sick of sugar-free popsicles and Carbolite froyo. I'd do anything for a sugar-free Pinkberry.

              1. re: chowmominLA

                Tandoori chicken or salmon is great at Indian restaurants. I wish I could help you with dessert!

                1. re: chowmominLA

                  Actually, Fiore in Little Tokyo is sugar-free Pinkberry. I think they use stevia. It is quite good. I'm semi-addicted to Pinkberry, but sometimes all the sugar gives me a headache. I've been wishing that Fiore was closer lately. Yogurt and milk aren't technically allowed on Atkins, if you are being psycho strict, but Fiore wouldn't be too carby with the sugar out of the equation.

                  1. re: pasadena_girl

                    Are you serious????? I am a HUGE Pinkberry addict and while I don't think Fiore is as good, it certainly comes in the ballpark, and it's ONE BLOCK from my office. WOW. Thanks so much for the tip!

                    Thanks to everyone, I knew I could count on you for some great tips. I'm tired of just ordering a steak and veggies.

                    1. re: chowmominLA

                      While it's not frozen yogurt, the sugar-free Ice Blended Mochas at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf were a staple for me when I was doing Weight Watchers. They are delicious, and I believe they are less than half the calories and around half the carbs of the ones with sugar (plus, they counted for a milk serving). You can check the website for more details. (All of the ice blended drinks give the calories for both the regular and the "No Sugar Added" varieties.)

                      Ice Blended Mocha:


                      All Drinks:


                    2. re: pasadena_girl

                      I actually went to Fiore (now called "If") today and asked the woman behind the counter if the yogurt was sugar-free. She said while the tea and smoothies use stevia, stevia is not used in the yogurt and there is sugar (albeit a small amount) in all four flavors of the yogurt (which makes no sense because smoothies are made from their yogurt, but anyway...) No nutritional chart available but she says the yogurt has about 22 calories per ounce. So a small is still under 100 calories. Not bad. I got a small "sour" flavor and broke my low-carb diet. Not as good as Pinkberry but in the same ballpark.

                  2. Atkins allows 50 grams of carbs/day. (Ever since he watered down his diet for the "new" edition, 'Atkins' isn't anywhere near as strict as it used to be.) But if you're going ultra-low-carb and sweating the batter (hardly heavy at Komatsu), try Shinsengumi for yakitori 18517 Western in Gardena. There may be some molasses, etc. in some sauces, but you can stuff your gob with meat, meat, meat while downing <5 grams.

                  3. Phillip's BBQ. Sauce on the side (extra).