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Nov 30, 2006 09:45 PM

Cadillac lounge?

Heard of this place on Queen W called Cadillac lounge? anyone been? whats it like? I think this weekend Im gonna need a place for some basic pub-type food that Ive been craving... any suggestions for the downtown area? Is shanghai worth checking out? or any good pubs you guys can recommend??

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  1. The food at Cadillac Lounge is pretty meh. I end up there a lot because it's right near my office, but often opt to just drink and then eat later (which is out-of-character for me). Shanghai is not a pub at all, more of a rock and roll diner specializing in really greasy food.

    Pub-style food - Hair of the Dog on Church is very good. I also find the food at The Foggy Dew on King to be way above average...they obviously have a chef who cares about details.

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      yah Ive tried foggy dew and I dont know, I didnt think it was as good as people say it is... Ive been to hair of the dog too and I did like that, but I wanted to try a new place. hm.. yah, I guess diner style suggestions are good too, but if its suuuuper greasy, I might be turned off haha. What about originals bar and grill? or.. arrow pub?

    2. Hmm, what kind of pub food are you in the mood for? That might help narrow it down a bit.

      Ever tried The Village Idiot on Dundas? I like it there.

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        yep I have.. um,okay well, something inexpensive (cause xmas is coming), and.. maybe a place that has a good variety, some good wings, maybe a nice beef dip or steak sandwich, or possibly good halibut and chips.. or maybe a good steak and mushroom pie? Those are typically my favourite things to order when I go to pub-type restaurants.. Yah, Ive been to villiage idiot, found it kind of mediocre I guess.. better for just beers in my opinion

      2. Last try: Rebel House.

        If you didn't like the food there I give up!

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          haha actually I have not been there haha. Whats the best thing to order? and what are prices like?

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            okay found the menu so I know the prices

        2. PJ O'Brien behind the King Eddie on King East do excellent food, and even better Guinness.

          1. what about the Court Jester on the Danforth?

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              Ive allllways wondered about this place, any info? I mean i live off the danforth, and walk by literally every single day, but I didnt know if it was any good? What do they have thats good? Also, I just read a thread about the granite brewery, has anyone been here lately? The menu looks pretty good