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Nov 30, 2006 09:39 PM

Ideas for lower carb make ahead dinner party fare.

Having a tree trimming party on Sat, so don't want to be fussing around with the food. One of the guests is a little freakish about carbs. All I can really think up is turkey meatloaf with sides (some of which she can skip). Other ideas. Most stews seem so carby and odd to serve alone.

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  1. What about soup or chili? Low-fuss once you get them going and perfect for cold weather. My veg-beef soup can go low-carb in a heartbeat by skipping the potatoes, and since my chili doesn't use any beans, it's also an easy low-carb winter fix. (Don't worry about the "high carb" tomatoes/onions/carrots - every low carber I know is a low-carber, not a "no" carber.

    Oh, and don't forget deviled eggs - everyone seems to like deviled eggs around the holidays.

    1. For my tree-trimming party, I usually serve a spiral-cut ham with fixings on the side so people can make sandwiches (sliced cheese, bread, honey mustard, etc.) I also serve a variety of prepared salads (potato salad, coleslaw, tomato & hearts of palm salad, green salad), a cheese plate and crudite with dip, so there's something for everyone (your friend who is avoiding carbs can eat the veggies, the salad and the ham and cheese). Nothing has to be served hot so there's no last minute fuss.

      1. You could have a whole cooked turkey. My favorite lo-carb is a Cobb salad. Think about offering roasted nuts..almond, cashews. Smoked salmon and cream cheese are low carb. I like to mix the two together and stuff into celery stalks, or offer as a dip with veggies. Lots of cheeses are pretty low carb. I make a hot crab dip that's low carb with mayonaise and cream cheese. A frittata with eggs, cheese and veggies is low carb.

        1. I'm making chicken wings for a baby shower this weekend for the low carbers among us. If your party will be a stand around eating while trimming the tree kind of dinner party, that's an idea. Chicken skewers are another idea, using BS thighs if you don't care about fat and BS breasts if you do. Avoid teriyaki or other sweet sauces for your wings or skewers if you go with this idea.

          Oh and I'm ok with having cooked meat sit at at room temp for a couple hours, so if you or your guests are not then meat is not a good a idea. I feel either wings or skewers are ok cooked ahead and served at room temp or reheated slightly.

          1. You can make a lasagne ahead of time, using thinly sliced, baked zucchini slices (slice lengthwise as thin as you can, season, bake until dry-ish) for the noodles. It's a good way to add vegetables to anyone's diet.