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Nov 30, 2006 09:35 PM

Great Jones Cafe is repulsive

Before I forget, I need to report to my fellow hounds about my first (and last) experience at Great Jones Cafe (yeah, I should have known they were jerks for suing Jonez over infringment and forcing them to change their name to "41 Greenwich Avenue!").

I read reviews of the place online (sadly, not here) and ALL of them were superb. So I dragged a few of my friends. We were supposed to be 4 of us, and the 4th was coming in from class so he'd be late. Anyhow, with barely anyone in the place (on a Saturday night), they refused to give us a table for 4. They gave us the table, instead, right to the left of the door--yes, the one where the guy on the end is basically right in the doorway! Awful start.

The woman was very mean about it all; and finally when my friend did come we scooted over to the next table. We ordered the BBQ Chicken, the Blacked Catfish, the Jalapeno Cornbread/Chile, and something else I cannot even remember. Save the chile, it was TERRIBLE! The catfish was awfully-tasting, the bbq chicken was the worst I'd ever had (Heinz BBQ Sauce would have been better), and the coke's given to us were some odd brand (making the diet coke literally undrinkable). It was an awful experience -- 3 people, $80, no alcohol or dessert.

PLEASE don't go here. OK, I'm done ranting!

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  1. I've never been a big fan of Great Jones. Much prefer ACME across the street.

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      Me too--the folks at ACME are much nicer too. At Great Jones, it's southern comfort cooking with a side of attitude, but at ACME they really go out of their way to make sure you're enjoying everything. Fantastic mashed potatoes and po'boys to boot.

    2. I haven't been there in over 10 years. They used to have great fried okra & jalapeno cornbread, but it was always so cramped and noisy. I guess a place like this can make money without having to worry about quality. I've never been a big fan of Acme. I don't think there has been a really good N.O. restaurant in NY since the demise of Bon Temps Rouler in the late 80s.

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        1. i love great jones.

          i've been going there off and on for 11 years and i admit it's completely inconsistent. sometimes the food is delicious and sometime's it's just mediocre and very occassionally it's not that good at all. i like the small space and i think the staff is nice and fun. i love drinking shaggies and hanging out there. the brunch is the most consistently good food, though they do manage a solid burger, good sweet potato pies and yummy bittersweet chocolate pudding.

          anyway, i go for the vibe, which i think is great, and i'm often very pleased with the food.

          1. Yeah, I'm actually really sorry that I had such a terrible experience there. I wanted to love it. But I can't bear to go there anymore.