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Nov 30, 2006 09:20 PM

Carne Adovada in ABQ (or greater NM)

I've never been a great carne adovada fan, but have recently discovered a couple versions that I really enjoy. I'm hoping to find other similar recipes.

I love love love the stuff at Golden Pride chicken (!), which might be the same as at Frontier (which I've never tried), as I know they're owned by the same folks and share other things like the tortillas and green chile stew.

What makes theirs different, to me, is that (on a good day) it's juicy with lots of sauce, a bit tangy, and doesn't have much of that raw red chile flavor that so many do. Just a nice, tangy, rich, spicy, mouth-filling flavor. Now, I'm not saying this is the most authentic, as I'm pretty sure the raw-tasting stuff you get most places is the "real thing", but it's the kind I want.

I've also enjoyed it at Papa Felipe's (where I get it with cheese and veggies in the little casserole, so that could be part of the appeal), but Golden Pride's the real winner. Fortunately, I work right across the street from one, but am interested in branching out. I don't try it very often because I don't want to get the wrong kind, which I really don't enjoy. I'd like to get some informed recs to go on.

So -- anybody know of some great carne similar to the ones above? Purty please?

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  1. Hmm.... I wouldn't describe the taste as "raw" in some of my favorite red sauces, but rather "earthy" or even "dirty".

    If you like that, my picks are Mary & Tito's on 4th and Perea's on Central & Alvarado.

    I'm drooling just thinking of them...


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      Thanks! I haven't been to Mary and Tito's, or tried the carne at Perea's. I'll give them a shot!

      First, though, can you clarify? I'm not sure you understood what I'm looking for -- In the first paragraph you talk about the raw taste, then say, "If you like that,".... but I DON'T like the raw/ earthy/dirty taste. Are you saying those restaurants do have that flavor, or don't?

      As a side note, a friend has suggested the Copper Lounge, so we're going to try those next week. Will let ya know! (He says he'll trade me plates if I don't like it :)

      1. re: juster

        Sorry - I would describe the red at Mary & Tito's as earthy, but it is so good that even if you think you don't like that flavor give them a try.... there's always the chance that the "raw/earthy" red you've had before was undercooked or something.

    2. The first time that I had Carne Adovada was at the Frontier restaurant. It was quite excellent in the tacos.

      1. Another vote for Mary and Tito's. Best NM food in Albuquerque.

        1. Haven't done the adovada at Golden Pride, but the pastries are beyond belief. Yummy, lardy goodness!

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          1. re: GroovinGourmet

            Pastries?!?! There are no pastries at my location :( What kind? Which store?

            1. re: juster

              Might be a my bad...perhaps it's Golden Circle? Near the corner of Mountain and 12th.
              Primarily pizza, but turned out by a kickbutt Latin panaderia operation. They had over a half dozen varieties of fruit empanadas (the cherry and blackberry were just fabulous). I was working in one of the loft offices next door and fell in love with the bizcochitos they include with their delivery pizzas.

              As for adovada, seconding that emotion for Perea' all-time fave when I am in town.

              And it sounds like Mary & Tito's is a must for my next visit.