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Nov 30, 2006 09:12 PM

DeLonghi Mixers

Does anyone have any experience with them? A friend of mine is looking into the 7 qt DeLonghi, after two KA's have died on her (one burnt out motor, one part broke but would cost $$ to fix). She makes a lot of bread, so she needs something that can handle stiff doughs.

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    1. Cook's Illustrated tested then last year and thought the 7 quart had an awkward design (too-tall bowl shape), by the 5 quart DeLonghi came in a close second out of a list of 20 different mixers. (The KA Pro 600 was their top rated one by a hair.) They made a rustic bread or two as part of the testing and thought the 5 quart capacity was fine.

      I kind of like the spiral dough hook on the Pro 600, tho.

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        I have burnt out more K-A's than I want to admit, but I love the design of the product. I took my last K-A stand mixer to a shop that rebuilt industrial electric motors, and had them replace the weak original motor with a industrial electric motor, and now I have a very reliable mixer that is capable of stretching taffy. The conversion wasn't cheap, but it has lasted me over 4 years of daily commercial use, but it must be used on its own electrical circuit.

        Both Viking and Kenwood make a very powerful and reliable stand mixers.

        1. re: Kelli2006

          Incidentally, Viking and DeLonghi took on the Kenwood design after Kenwood stopped making mixers. Same guts, just different, branded cosmetics

      2. What's she been making? If she's killed 2 KAs in a row, I doubt the DeLonghi (formerly Kenwood) is going to hold up much longer.

        For bread, she might consider the Electrolux. Despite attachments, they're not very good for anything else, and they're not cheap, but they do knead dough like nobody's business and the design is much less likely to break down with that kind of frequent, heavy mixing. (The machine looks a bit like a top loading washing machine; the mechanism is very different from a "mixer" with a dough hook.)

        1. If the KAs she killed were the Classic or the Artisan, I think the Delonghi will outperform them. If they were the Pro 600, then you may be right.

          1. Yes, that's a point, I assumed the OP was comparing apples to apples, not oranges. It really depends on how/why she's been killing the KAs and nothing was said about that. Chances are slim she got 2 lemon KAs in a row, so there's probably more to it than just an "inferior" machine. DeLonghi's aren't noteworthily "better" built than KAs, nor vice versa. They're more or less comparable in design and construction, so simply switching brands isn't going to address a more fundamental problem of actual vs intended usage.